Professional-style kitchen faucets are one of the main trends. They feature pull-out sprays like this one which are extremely useful.

I’m no stranger to kitchen design! Kitchens are so much fun to design and when I see a basic builder plan that isn’t functional, it drives me nuts. I’m working on a few kitchen interior design projects at the moment, but one item that’s a constant in any kitchen is the kitchen faucet. 

Technology has advanced, and there are so many new features available that you might not be familiar with. Plus, there are some questions that come up regularly, such as: what should the faucet finish match, if anything?

Let’s dive in and take a look at faucet trends and some of the new features available!


Faucet Styles


One of the main kitchen faucet trends we are seeing is the professional kitchen style. This features a high arch design and normally has a pull-out spray feature too. Pull-out sprays are really helpful to have as part of your kitchen faucet because you can rinse pots much easier as it’s more directional.

If the pull-out spray feature isn’t for you, there are lots of other options available that feature the high arch design.

We recommend to clients that they minimize the number of tap holes if possible. Not only does this reduce work for the countertop supplier but creates a sleek and minimal surface.

For this Downers Grove, Il kitchen remodel we recently completed, the dark professional pull-out style faucet complements the backsplash and appliances.

Our client absolutely loves the high-arc and pull-out spray design for their new kitchen faucet as it makes rinsing large dishes so much easier.


Technology Advances

If the professional pull-out spray style isn’t your thing, there are simpler designs available! Such as this sleek high-arc design, that still features a pull-out spray.


Technology has advanced so quickly over the last few years, and kitchen faucets are included! 

Did you know that there are touchless kitchen faucets available now? This is a complete game-changer for homeowners because with a simple “swoosh” of the hand, water starts running. Not only does this help to keep your faucet clean and germ-free, but it’s also incredibly useful while preparing meals. Been preparing raw meat? Or kneading bread dough? All you need to do is sweep your hands under the spout or across a sensor. Many of these touchless faucets come with automatic shutoff features too.

When researching these touchless faucets for our clients, they are commonly found on the side, or in the neck. For another remodel project on the south side of Downers Grove, we are recommending a touchless faucet with the sensor in the neck as it’s concealed out of view really well.

Touchless faucets are available from Kohler, Brizo, Home Depot, and Grohe.

Another really useful advance are Bluetooth-compatible faucets. These can connect to home assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home Kits. They offer features such as monitoring water usage and notifying you of unusual water flows.

Many of these features are either battery-operated or AC-powered and are designed to help make our lives easier and simpler when in the kitchen.


Faucet Finishes


We love this brushed gold kitchen faucet as it features touchless technology! Plus it has a pull-out spray for maximum practicality.

A popular topic among those updating their kitchen faucet is of course the finish. A frequently asked question from clients is “what should my faucet finish be and match to?” or “should everything match the faucet finish?” There are also regular questions about secondary sinks and faucets within the kitchen too. So hopefully this section will put your mind at ease if you’re questioning the finish of a new faucet for your kitchen!

Something you should always match with the kitchen faucet is the sink drain. This keeps the whole sink cohesive. It would look odd to have a brass faucet with a nickel sink drain for example.

For situations with secondary sinks, like for a bar for example, then we suggest coordinating the finishes of these. You could keep things straightforward and use the same finish for them both, and we almost always recommend finding the secondary faucet from the same product line or range as the main kitchen faucet where possible.

For this Glen Ellyn Kitchen remodel, we decided on a faucet finish that compliments the appliances but contrasts the cabinet hardware. Our client also has a secondary sink in their kitchen – see below for the selection!

The secondary sink for this client’s kitchen in Glen Ellyn features a sleek design faucet that is finished in the same chrome as the main kitchen sink faucet (seen above).

In terms of choosing a finish for your kitchen faucet, examine the other finishes being used for the kitchen. What color are your cabinets, what backsplash tile are you using, and what material, pattern, or color are the countertops? Once you have these finishes, you can more easily explore faucet finish options. 

If your sink is on an island then you may want to make the faucet a feature and use a contrasting finish. Another common route is to match the faucet with the appliances being installed or use a statement finishes such as brass or bronze. From there, you can then match or coordinate any light fixtures and cabinet hardware.


I hope you have found this blog post useful, particularly for if you’re currently going through a kitchen remodel. Have you recently selected a new kitchen faucet for your home? I’d love to hear your thoughts and what selections you made in the comments below!