The kitchen is the heart of the home for many of our clients, and we have had the pleasure of designing many kitchens over the years. Through careful consideration of materials and finishes, combined with practical space planning, we love to navigate each kitchen design project with a close attention to detail.

Alongside the practicalities of any kitchen design, is space planning! And one element that many clients ask for is an island.

Kitchen islands not only provide more countertop space and storage, but they also give homeowners a social area to the space. Nowadays the kitchen island is also a visual statement of modern design, and showcases the individuality of those living there.

When you think of a kitchen island, what shape comes to mind?

Almost all of you reading this article will have said “rectangular!” But did you know that there are lots of other shapes that can be used for creating a kitchen island?

In this article we’re going to delve deeper into the various Kitchen Island Shapes to explain the pros and cons of each, to help you decide which shape is the right one for your space.

Let’s get started!

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1. L-Shape Kitchen Islands


First up is an L-shaped kitchen island!

You may have seen these in larger homes as they do require a generous amount of floor space. L-shape kitchen islands help to keep the workspace defined within a specific area while making a strong visual statement.

One of the best aspects of an L-shaped kitchen island is that they can contain many small appliances (like a microwave and dishwasher), and also house the sink area.

If your kitchen doesn’t have many long full-height walls in it, an L-shaped kitchen island can help contain many of the items you’d typically put in a tall run of kitchen units. 

2. Bowed Front Kitchen Islands


You may not have seen many kitchen islands with a bowed front before! Or perhaps you associate a curved island design as dated. Don’t worry! They can actually be extremely stylish when designed and executed alongside fun materials.

A bowed front provides a deeper overhang for either concealing additional storage below, or providing a larger space for stools.

Curves themselves are extremely elegant and can provide a sophisticated kitchen design.

3. Rectangular Kitchen Islands


Probably the most commonly known kitchen island shape – rectangular! 

Rectangular kitchen islands are straightforward and easy to introduce into many kitchens. They are super flexible in terms of configuration, and offer endless possibilities! If you have space for a deep island, you can even add twice the amount of cabinet storage, therefore creating a super sleek and contemporary kitchen design.

One of our favorite aspects of a rectangular kitchen island is the flexibility. No two rectangular kitchen islands that we have designed are the same because we have altered the size, configuration, and storage requirements for each client.

4. Square Kitchen Islands


And finally, square kitchen islands!

Possibly one of the less common kitchen island shapes from this article, square islands are actually extremely helpful for many homes. Older properties in particular can have awkward sized spaces or angles making it difficult for homeowners to plan a remodel. But square kitchen islands can be the solution here! As they can make good use of an awkward area.

Another reason why square kitchen islands should be considered, is they feel like you’re sitting at a table which can be a requirement for some homeowners.

Last Thoughts


Today we’ve shared four common kitchen island styles, but naturally there are endless options. The most important thing when designing a kitchen is to be sure that it’s functional and will serve the needs of the family who will be using it. If you’re looking for help with your kitchen design, send us a message! We’re here to help! 

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