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Have you ever been awestruck by the natural beauty of marble? Whether it’s the beautiful veining patterns, or enjoy the cool touch this material has, marble has been known for its beauty and durability for centuries. 

Many people associate marble with the rich and famous within large palatial homes, but there are lots of ways you can use marble in your own home! It is a practical choice for high-traffic areas and can add extra value to your house when used in kitchens or bathrooms.

There is some conflicting information online, making it a minefield to understand! So this article has everything you need to know about Marble. Are you ready to discover everything there is to know about Marble? Let’s explore!

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What is Marble?


Marble is a metamorphic rock that is composed of calcite, dolomite, or serpentine that is capable of taking a polish. It actually forms when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure from metamorphism. With this process, the stone recrystallizes to form a rock that’s a mass of interlocking calcite crystals. 

While marble looks solid, it is in fact a soft stone.


A Brief History of Marble


The first marble extraction has been dated back to the 3rd century BC, in the islands of Paros and Naxos in the Aegean Sea. During this time this extraction became very popular in the ancient world. This is where and why the Romans used marble as building materials for many historic structures, notably the Colosseum in Rome.

While the first extraction of marble was in these islands, nowadays marble can be found in quarries all over the world! Turkey is the biggest exporter of marble known for their quality, however the most exquisite marble is found in Italy.


How to Use Marble at Home


Marble is used in many ways in the home!

The most popular way marble is used at home is as the main material or finish to kitchen countertops, bathrooms, or floors. It’s also been known to be used as fireplace surrounds too. You can use marble on floors, walls, and ceilings!

Otherwise, marble can be used in smaller instances, such as: side tables, coffee and console tables, or decorative accessories like coasters.

Marble Maintenance


There is a lot of information on the internet about the maintenance of marble, which has put a number of people off using the material even though they love the beauty of it. This is a shame because so long as you follow some simple do’s and don’ts, it doesn’t need to be a worry.

Due to the level of maintenance of marble (compared to other materials on the market), it may not be a viable option for busy families.

It is important to speak to your stone supplier about cleaning products and techniques for your specific product, but there are some basic do’s and don’ts for marble that should be followed. As marble is a natural stone, it’s very important to keep acidic liquids away from the surface. This can include lemon juice (and other citruses), or anything containing alcohol.

You will need to make sure you clean up spills as quickly as possible to minimize damage (specifically any liquid seeping through the stone), and use trivets or mats under hot dishes or cookware to prevent any marks from the heat.

It’s really important to keep vinegar, bleach, ammonia, and other cleaning products away from your marble surface.

In addition to this, as marble can absorb fluid that could cause stains, it will need to be sealed regularly to help minimize damage and to protect the stone. To make sure your marble is in its absolute best condition, it’s worth getting it resealed every 8-12 months. Sealing marble will ensure there is a protective layer over the stone to help prevent anything damaging it, but also brings out a fresh glossy finish to the surface.

In short – keep on top of cleaning up spills, protect the surface where you can with trivets and coasters, and clean it with a stone-specific cleaner. If you follow this, and generally have a clean home, then using marble shouldn’t be a problem!


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Ways to Make Marble Last in Your Home


Marble can last a lifetime in your home, so long as you take good care of it. Always remember that it is a natural stone and needs to be well maintained. It’s important to not let the maintenance side of marble put you off though because the finished result of using real marble in a home is absolutely beautiful! It is something that you should consider.

If you have decided that marble is the right choice for you, it’s time to shop around! 

For large statement applications, such as kitchen or bathroom countertops, you should plan a trip to view the raw slabs at a stone yard. There will be hundreds of slabs for you to view, however it will be a worthwhile experience to see the exact slab you will be using in the home, before it gets prepared for the application (cut down to size and finished).

It would be wise to do some of your own research before a trip to a stone yard so you have a rough idea as to what type of marble you’d like in your home. There are different kinds of marble: Carrara, Statuary, Calacatta, Emperador, and Crema Marfil being the most popular styles. There are lots more with their own unique coloring and veining, including green, red, black etc.

Should you be introducing marble into your home through tables and other small accessories, try to see the items in person before purchasing to ensure you’re happy with the marble color and vein details. This may not be possible in all instances, so check customer reviews!

Above all – to make marble last a lifetime in your home – use a coaster to protect the surface and a stone specific cleaner. To keep your marble looking its absolute best, get it resealed every 8-12 months.

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