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Mini Design Consultation Case Study

A young family was purchasing a new home in Lemont, Illinois and had an overall look in mind, but weren’t sure how to execute it. They planned to do most of the work themselves, but wanted to avoid mistakes and realized that they needed the guidance of a professional interior designer to save time and money in the process.

They hadn’t even closed on their new home yet but wanted to be prepared for the week between closing and move in when most of the work would be done.

During our meeting, they shared a couple of photos of styles they liked and once I understood their long term goals with the home, we prioritized rooms to work through.


We determined that the kitchen would be renovated in a few years, so in the meantime, the paint selected needed to work with the existing cabinets, counters, flooring, and kitchen dining set. I also made suggestions for cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures. A dated ceiling fan hung above the table, so they also received recommendations for a new fan and light above the kitchen sink. New switch plates for the light switches were recommended (out with the oak patterned wall and switch cover plates) and plumbing fixture colors were recommended.

This live edge table was handmade by the homeowner.

Family Room

In addition to new wall and trim paint, we also discussed how to arrange the furniture based on how they were planning to use the room. Using the dimensions from the listing (remember, they still haven’t closed on this home), I was able to recommend a furniture layout for them using their existing furniture and recommended sizes of new pieces to purchase along with color guidance. Lighting is incredibly important in a space, so I also explained how to light the space adequately.

There was also a fireplace with traditional brick, but this family wasn’t looking for a traditional look to their home. They were on the fence about what to do, so I gave them two recommendations for how to treat the fireplace and explained why each would work and how their decision would impact the overall aesthetic of the main living space.

Playroom, Bathrooms, Hallway, and Kids Bedrooms

New paint was selected for all these rooms. We also discussed the best way to update the bathrooms without undertaking an entire renovation.

New closet doors and lighting were selected for the hallway.


After the design consultation, the homeowners received a detailed summary of our meeting with images and links to the products and items we discussed. They moved into their home a month later, with paint already purchased. I was happy to hear they selected a decision for their fireplace (I had given them two options to select from) and their house already feels like home!

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The mini design consultation is a one-hour in-home or virtual meeting to help solve your home dilemma. The deliverables and the problem we’re solving for are centered all around you. After our meeting, you will receive a full summary of what we discussed and the next steps. Mini Design Consultations have been extremely popular for homeowners who aren’t sure where to begin.

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