Comfortable Living Room Design

A Living Room should feel comfortable, warm and inviting for the whole family and guests alike. This Mood Board Monday design features a deep and comfortable sofa with colorful accent furniture to provide additional seating and a creative flair to the space.

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Living Room Design Guide

There should be 16”-20” between your coffee table and other furniture.

If the furniture grouping will be floating in a space, then allow for 36”-48” to move around the furniture.

Position the upholstered bench as a coffee table and either group the armchairs together side by side or face opposite as shown above.

Place the lighting fixtures in corners next to the furniture pieces to create a triangle of light. The poufs can be arranged to provide more seating or stored under a console table.

We have also included some decorative accessories to go with all the furniture shown… Check them out here!

Key Features:


A deep and comfortable sofa is every living room’s essential piece!

This sofa is dramatic with its deep seat yet sophisticated with the simple silhouette. Upholstered in a durable neutral woven fabric, this sofa is fantastic for adding into all color palettes.

Area Rug

Area rugs are a fantastic way of grounding a space and clearly defining areas of the home.

When used in a living room set up, an area rug defines the main seating area while also providing comfort and style underfoot. This hand woven rug is made from cotton, a durable and less expensive option than wool.

Jute Pouf

Poufs allow you to provide additional seating when needed.

These jute poufs can be used to finish off the seating arrangement (as shown in the mood board above) or placed under a console table. The natural woven texture of the pouf adds contrast and extra texture to the space.

Side Table

Using a statement shape side or end table adds more character and elegance to your living room. 

This side table is made from aluminium and finished in antique rust to inject an industrial vibe to the living room design. The swirls of this finish adds depth and this table is also suitable for use outdoors.


We know that pulling a space together can feel like an insurmountable task which is why we started Mood Board Mondays. We saved this collection with our partner, SideDoor, so you can purchase any (or all) of these pieces for your own home!

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