Cozy Reading Nook Design

A Cozy Reading Nook is a must-have for any book or self-care enthusiast! Creating the perfect little corner or room where you can completely unwind with a good book is easier than you may think… This Mood Board Monday design will help you to create a stylish and comfortable Reading Nook that you will love! Featuring industrial style pieces and lots of texture, your space will be a showstopper.

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Reading Nook Design Guide

Let the bookcase or shelves be the centerpiece of the area, and add soft seating and other items surrounding this. Ideally the accent chair should be angled to face in-ward towards the bookcase.

Position the floor lamp behind and to the side of the accent chair to ensure the seating area is well illuminated for reading. Make sure it is positioned so you won’t hit your head when getting up from the chair.

Use side tables or a coffee table as a place to keep a drink or other items.

If there is additional space, use a console table to style the area with a colorful painting above, wall sconces and decorative accessories to finish off the look. Supplement the space with other textured poufs.

Key Features:


A large and practical bookcase is an essential for every reading nook!

This rustic bookcase has been made from reclaimed pine with waxed black detailing. Fill this beautiful bookcase with all your favorite books!

Accent Swivel Chair

You could use your favorite accent or armchair for your reading nook, but we have chosen this gorgeous deep and wide swivel chair for something different. 

This chair has been upholstered in a heavy basket-weave fabric in a cream tone to suit any interior. It is durable, comfortable and fit with a 360-degree range of motion.

Area Rug

Use an area rug in your reading nook to ground the space and clearly define the area.

The vibrant color and texture of this area rug helps to calm the space and add a pop of color to your reading corner. This rug has been made from 100% viscose making it beautifully soft underfoot. Complement this with neutral and green tone decorative accessories.

Floor Lamp

Position a floor lamp to one side and behind the accent chair or armchair to fully illuminate the seating area.

Featuring a tripod design, this floor lamp is finished in a beautiful charcoal oil finish with a contrasting off-white lamp shade.


We know that pulling a space together can feel like an insurmountable task which is why we started Mood Board Mondays. We saved this collection with our partner, SideDoor, so you can purchase any (or all) of these pieces for your own home!

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