Modern Bedroom Design

A Modern Bedroom should be a calm, comfortable and stylish bedroom that is perfect for relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep! Creating the perfect bedroom where you can completely unwind at the end of the day is easier than you may think… This Mood Board Monday design will help you to create a stylish and modern Bedroom that you will love, and want to show off to guests! Featuring seaside inspired colors and dark accents, your space will be a showstopper.

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Bedroom Design Guide

There should be approximately 3″ between your bed and the nightstand.

To determine the right size bed for your room will depend on the side of your nightstands, but as a general rule, you should allow for 36″ on either side of the bed. 42″-48″ is ideal.

The nightstands are a great opportunity to add a contrasting wood finish to the room and to also choose stylish table lamps.

Use wicker baskets to add more storage and to place in an empty corner.

If there is additional space, use an accent chair to provide casual seating and a storage dresser.

Key Features:


A large Queen size bed upholstered in a gorgeous sea blue!

This bed has been upholstered in a beautiful velvet fabric making this a truly dreamy piece of furniture. Style with white bed linen, neutral or colorful decorative pillows!

Ceiling Light

You could use a more understated ceiling light for a modern bedroom design, but we have chosen this gorgeous black Sputnik-style chandelier to add a Mid-Century Modern twist.

This Sputnik-style chandelier has been finished in a matte black powder coat, and features a timeless design that will last for many years to come.

Area Rug

Use an area rug in your bedroom to provide comfort underfoot surrounding the bed itself. This helps to ground the space and clearly define the area.

The vibrant color and texture of this area rug helps to bring complementary colors to the space that work effortlessly with the sea blue bed. This rug has been made from 80% New Zealand wool making it beautifully soft underfoot, blended with tencel and nylon to add a subtle shimmer. Complement this with neutral or colorful decorative accessories depending on your personal taste.

Wall Mirror

Position this stylish and unusual wall mirror above a dresser or storage cabinet to finish off the space.

Finished in antique brass this wall mirror will make a great statement piece in a modern bedroom.


We know that pulling a space together can feel like an insurmountable task which is why we started Mood Board Mondays. We saved this collection with our partner, SideDoor, so you can purchase any (or all) of these pieces for your own home!

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