Stylish Dining Room Design

The Dining Room is a key area of the home where all the family gets together. Whether you save this room for entertaining guests or regularly eat family meals together, this Mood Board Monday design will help you to create a stylish dining room everyone will love! Featuring industrial style accent pieces, your space will be a showstopper.

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Living Room Design Guide

Allow for 42”-48” between your table and the surrounding walls. This allows enough space for people to move around the table and get seated comfortably.

Make sure the light fixture is at least 12” smaller than your table. This is so that people don’t hit their head when getting up and it looks proportionate to the table.

Position the bar cart to the side of the room, with mirror above and well stocked with your favorite liquor.

Use the wall lights above a storage cabinet or buffet to highlight the piece.

Key Features:

Dining Table

A large and practical dining table is an essential for every dining room!

This rustic dining table has been made from a mix of reclaimed wood finished in rustic black olive. A truly timeless table that is perfect for any family.

Area Rug

Area rugs are a fantastic way of grounding a space and clearly defining areas of the home.

The colors of this area rug help to bring a dining space to life while also defining the table and seating area. This rug has been made from 100% pet yarn. We always recommend using a rug that is suitable for outdoor use as these will be more durable for a dining room environment.

Accent / End Dining Chair

Using accent dining chairs at either end of the dining table is unexpected and makes a bold statement.

The bright color of this accent dining chair is great for creating a visually interesting space. These chairs work beautifully with the colors of the area rug too!

Bar Cart

Dress your dining room with this brass bar cart!

This bar cart will complement any decor scheme and provides functionality to your space. Showcase your favorite tipples on the bronze mirrored shelves.


We know that pulling a space together can feel like an insurmountable task which is why we started Mood Board Mondays. We saved this collection with our partner, SideDoor, so you can purchase any (or all) of these pieces for your own home!

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