The mudroom is quite often a room that gets overlooked when it comes to design because, after all, it is an ancillary space! For some, it could even be a luxury, but the mudroom gets used heavily and frequently by all the family.

If the mudroom isn’t organized efficiently it can quickly become a dumping ground for shoes, coats, and jackets. There’s no wonder this happens though because you can quite often just simply close the door and the mess is out of sight!

Organizing your mudroom is key for utilizing the space easily all year round. I’ve designed a fair amount of mudrooms in my time, and have picked up some key organization ideas! In this article, I take you through some of my favorite organizing ideas for the mudroom! 

Let’s get to it!


Mud Room Essentials

An is a must-have for any small space! Combining hanging space and shoe storage makes organizing much easier.


There are a few mudroom essentials that are worth planning for and incorporating into your mudroom if you can.

Having coat storage in the form of rails or hooks is a necessity in any mudroom. Keep as much outerwear as you can in your mudroom to clear space in your main closets elsewhere in the house.

You should also have adequate storage space for shoes and boots. If you need to swap summer and winter shoes in and out of the mudroom, you can always store these in other closets when they’re out of season.

Something that can often get overlooked is having additional storage (over and above the coat and shoe storage) for accessories, dog leashes, and any other odd bits that need to be kept in the mudroom, and out of the way from the main areas of the home.


Organizing by Person


One of my favorite ways to organize the mudroom is by person. This is particularly useful if you have kids and need to keep things super organized. It also means that each person gets their own little space that they can call their own. Plus, it means the morning rush is slightly less stressful for everyone!

Or, why not combine wall hooks with shelving? with integrated hook space will help you to keep organized in the mudroom and entry!

For this organizational idea to work, you do need to have a fair amount of space available in order to install tall open cabinets. A popular choice for tall cabinets here is the open wardrobe style so you can customize what you need. This allows for hanging space and low and high-level cubbies for storage boxes and bins. If you can, try to add a bench area or integrated seat into these cabinets so it’s more comfortable for putting on and removing shoes.

If you fancy being extra creative – paint the back panel of each area a different color! This helps to personalize the area to each person.


Coat Storage


Depending on the length of coats you need to store – and the quantity of course! – you may need multiple areas to hang coats. Organizing your coats by person, and then by length, can really help to keep things organized in a mudroom!

If you’re short on space in your mudroom, keep all your most worn coats and jackets here, and try to keep everything else stored in other closets.

Above all – have different length hanging spaces to accommodate different types of coats!

It’s important to have a variety of storage available in your mudroom so different length coats can be stored and easily accessible. Shelving is great for adding labeled baskets for smaller items like scarves.


This is ideal for mudrooms! Keep all the shoes together, neatly stored away.

Shoe Storage


Obviously one of the main purposes of a mudroom is to have somewhere to put on and remove shoes, so storage for these is crucial! And the great news is that there are a variety of options on the market and different ways you can incorporate shoe storage into open cabinets.

For open cabinets, use simple metal racking at the bottom to store shoes at multiple levels. Otherwise, there are lots of storage trunks or racks with integrated bench seating above that are perfect for use in mudrooms.




like this are perfect for use throughout the home and particularly within mudrooms as they can be easily labeled!

I love using storage baskets in my interior design projects, and the mudroom is the perfect place to use them! Instead of putting a load of scarves, gloves, etc into a shelf area with no organization, use storage baskets to organize these items.

You can also use storage baskets to store shoes!

Storage baskets are a lifesaver when it comes to home organization. In the mudroom, you can use them for storing pet items, kids’ clothing, or accessories! You could even use them for storing shoes.


Extra Ideas

This provides extra space for hanging coats!


Alongside the above mudroom organization ideas, there are some other ways you can organize the space better too.

Adding extra wall hooks can help keep things off the floor and higher up. Labeling storage baskets and bins also help to keep items organized. Labeling means that everything has a place so there’s no mid-morning rush wondering where your son’s favorite hat is! It’s a win-win situation.


How have you organized your mudroom? I hope these mudroom organization ideas are helpful! I’d love to know how you’ve organized your mudroom in the comments below!