Project Location: Downtown Chicago, Illinois
Scope: 2 floors of office space, 186 workstations, and collaborative space

Their business demanded a space that would move their workplace culture into an entrepreneurial and creative space to attract young creatives, give them a sense of camaraderie, increase motivation, and be a destination to do great work. They were also growing and needed to get more people in the same amount of space.

Like many businesses in the heart of Chicago, this advertising agency used the private office as a motivator for their employees. In order to improve innovation, we recommended a radical cultural change that included more opportunities for impromptu collaboration, breaking down hierarchy barriers and created a custom interiors environment complete with scooter parking and personal workstations that could be customized by each occupant.

After implementation, a change management program was implemented to ease the transition into the open office environment and the loss of smoking floors in the building. Through thoughtful space planning, we were able to increase their occupancy by 25% in their existing space.