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Aurora Bright Family Room Remodel

Project Location: Aurora, Illinois 

Scope: Family Room Remodel, 230 square feet

Design Challenge

Create a more welcoming and open space while adding brightness. 


The TV was in an awkward location, and they craved wanting to move the TV to be above the fireplace. My client always dreamed of having built-ins installed, but wasn’t sure how to tackle them with the vaulted ceiling. They also needed updated window treatments, and new furniture to complete the space. 

Our team created various options for builtins around the TV while coordinating electrical requirements to be able to mount the TV over the fireplace. The final design needed to look great from both the family room level, and the loft that overlooks the space. We replaced the existing window treatments and furniture. The family now has plenty of storage for games, video games, family photo albums, and also open shelving for display. 

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