Baseball Themed Bedroom

Boy’s Baseball Bedroom

Project Location: Downers Grove, Illinois Single Family Home

Scope: Bedroom, 135 square feet

Design Challenge

This 9-year old was ready for a change. He had taken an interest in baseball, much like his dad, and the family had baseball memorabilia in storage they were excited to display. They needed a space that was personalized to their son and was a space that he could call his own. I was required to keep the existing bed and bedding incorporated into the new design.

Design Solution

By relocating the bed, I was able to make the space feel much larger and introduce a reading nook for quiet alone time. With the bed no longer the main focal point, I created a new focal point – a baseball feature wall. Baseball memorabilia from storage was used throughout the room and I also created an expansion plan for his baseball collection, baseball bat collection, and hats to accommodate growth in the future. I also made the space feel brighter and bigger by lightening the wall color. The ceiling become blue, like the sky in a baseball stadium, and I designed a custom bedside light. This family was thrilled with the design and my young client loves his space.

baseball themed bedroom
Baseball bedroom with red ceiling fan
Before photo
before photo

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