Fitness Center

Charter Fitness

Charter Fitness, a national fitness chain was undergoing a rebranding and wanted to increase brand awareness, membership, membership engagement and have a facility that cost less to maintain overall. We collaborated with the Charter team to develop a standards program that could be implemented for all their clubs across the country to meet each of their project objectives.

We created a hip and industrial space with an elevated design aesthetic by replacing the bright red carpet with stained concrete, using bright, bold colors instead of builder’s beige, introduced speakers, industrial elements and improved amenities for the members.

Locker rooms were improved with higher-grade finishes that were easy to keep clean and give members a comfortable place to regroup after their workouts.

The new brand aesthetic encourages members to feel more energized when working out. Not only are the new clubs larger, they cost less to maintain than the smaller clubs prior to the rebrand. Membership conversion has increased exponentially in the clubs that have undergone the renovations and Charter continues to see steady growth as clubs are introduced and renovated.

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