Project Location: North Downers Grove, Illinois, Single Family Home
Scope: Basement, 167 square feet

After some detective work, a few things jumped out at me.

  1. One of my clients works from home full time. He was working in the guest room adjacent to the empty space and was sandwiched between the guest bed and the wall. It was a tight squeeze.
  2. They love music and have an extensive record collection.

While space planning, I explored different circulation paths through the space. The layout needed to make sense for them to quickly enter and exit, while also becoming more functional. I broke the space up into zones. First I moved the office out of the guest room and gave my client much more space and a hip new desk that better matched his personal style. I used my commercial design background to design an ergonomically correct workspace that was also functional.

Home office in the basement.

Next, I created a lounge space to sit back, relax, drink whisky, and enjoy the couple’s record collection. The space still needed to be kid-friendly, so I used materials that would wear well. An electric fireplace was added for warmth as well as an area rug to not only define the space, but also assist with insulation. They love the space and now spend time down there when the kids are in bed instead of the neighboring TV room. I successfully gave the space purpose and created a warm space in their home that reflects who my clients are on a deep level.