Liquor Company Cafe Gathering Space

Liquor Company

Project Location: Niles, IL

Scope: 1 floor office space, 190 associates


Design Challenge

The marketing department of a suburban liquor company was messy and was experiencing barriers in creating effective advertising campaigns for each of their products. Their space stifled creativity and innovation.

Design Solution

A spatial analysis was conducted to understand the challenges the associates were experiencing and determine how the space could be used as a tool to improve their customer relationships.

After learning that many of the marketing associates spent a great deal of time by themselves, and didn’t have a feeling of loyalty to the brand, we proposed a plan that would create a community centric space, bringing people together organically to naturally improve communication. By creating a dynamic environment that was easy to navigate and caused people to move from their desks, the space created a team atmosphere while still providing private space for meetings and focused independent work.

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