Heron Plume – The Neutral Taupe


Did you know that paint color consultations are one of my favorite things to do as an interior designer? This may come as a surprise to many people because choosing paint colors can seem like an impossible task! But once you have your furniture in place, choosing the right paint color for your home is relatively simple.

When I work through paint color selections in a color consultation, it’s important to establish whether the space would benefit from a cool or warm tone. This is largely driven by the client and their concerns with the space, but can also be influenced by the existing colors used there too.

A popular request from many of my clients, and homeowners in my Facebook Group, is to create a warm and inviting home. Choosing the right paint colors throughout a home helps to influence this hugely!

Today I want to share and explore Sherwin Williams Heron Plume (SW6070). It is a soft warm neutral paint color that has subtle purple-pink undertones, making it a warm and inviting neutral.

Let’s take a closer look at Heron Plume and discuss how to use it at home and what to watch out for!

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Why We Love It!

We love Sherwin Williams Heron Plume (SW6070) because of the warmth this color provides to any room in the home. Aside from the warmth of this paint color, it is the perfect soft taupe color while remaining neutral. 

This beige-gray paint color has warm undertones which come alive in south-facing or western afternoon sunlight, yet becomes a more passive warmth in north or east-facing rooms. 

The versatility of this paint color is another reason why we love it! Depending on the mood and atmosphere required, it can be used in a variety of rooms.

How to Use Heron Plume at Home 

Sherwin Williams Heron Plume can be used in almost any room of the home! The neutral characteristics of the color means you can use it throughout the home to create different looks while the different undertones will shine through and provide its own identity. 

The warmth of the color makes it perfect for use in entryways, foyers, hallways, living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. If used in more utilitarian environments, like the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms or mudrooms, a cooler side of the paint color will appear and help to balance out the cool tones of any appliances.

If you love continuity in your home or have an open plan living area, this paint color is great for using as a neutral base! Pair it with bold accents like navy or sage green to add richness and visual interest to the space.

What to Watch Out for…

With any paint color though, there are some considerations to take into account! 

You should be aware that Sherwin Williams Heron Plume has purple-pink undertones which can be unsightly and difficult to predict. These undertones do make many people feel nervous, however, that is not to say that this paint color won’t work for you, and your room. To settle any undertones, avoid using this paint color with purple or pink accent colors, so it appears its true taupe color.

Ways to make Sherwin Williams Heron Plume last in your home…

Using Sherwin Williams Heron Plume and making the color last in your home is relatively straightforward! The key to making this color last in your home is to pair it with strong standing neutrals like white, off-white, or dark grays. Use Heron Plume as the main wall color with white trim work to make the color pop.

Heron Plume is a timeless taupe paint color that will add warmth to your home for many years. Pair with rich and deep colors like navy blue, deep forest green, and burgundy red to finish off the design scheme and create a well-balanced interior.

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