Sherwin Williams Upward – 2024 Color of the Year


In the ever-changing world of interior design, paint colors will always be a constant. After all, they influence the true feeling and overall look of any space! Here at Innovatus Design, we specify lots of Sherwin Williams paint colors for our projects, and they have just released the exciting news of their 2024 Color of the Year!

Sherwin Williams unveils a paint color for each upcoming year which is a carefully selected shade to reflect the spirit of the times, inspire creativity, and set the trend for interior design for the upcoming 12 months. For 2024 they have cast their gaze “Upward” – quite literally – with a soft and ethereal shade: Upward SW 6239.

Sherwin Williams’ color of the year 2024 is inviting us to elevate our homes and breathe fresh life into our surroundings. With the way of the world this year, it’s an uplifting choice for 2024 as it embodies the feeling of taking a breath of crisp air.

With that said, what is Sherwin Williams Upward?

Sherwin Williams Upward is a pale blue paint color that has gray undertones. A light denim color that brings a new lease of life into any space. Contrary to main interior design trends right now, Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin Williams, told Forbes that, “We’ll continue to use nature as inspiration, but instead of focusing on the earthiness of greens, we’re shifting into a more ethereal vibe with blues.” Our founder at Innovatus Design states, “Blue is often used as a neutral in designing interior spaces. Sherwin Williams Upward is a great blue to breathe life into any space.”

Let’s explore more about this beautifully soft blue paint color – Sherwin Williams Upward – their Color of the Year 2024 – in more detail!

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Why We Love Sherwin Williams Upward!

The shift from all-gray interiors to warm Earthy tones is here to stay, but to create a truly balanced interior you need to have a mix of cool and warm undertone colors used. This is where Sherwin Williams Upward comes into play!

Upward is the perfect paint color to use to inject a light color into any space. Deeper shades of blue like navy and dark denim are well known for being timeless colors, and I believe shades like Sherwin Williams Upward will be the same! 

While we love to create interiors that are cozy and warm for our clients, they wouldn’t be anything without the use of color, and we love that this beautiful ethereal color is Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2024.

How to Use Upward at Home 

Contrary to what you may be initially thinking about Sherwin Williams Upward SW 6239, it’s a very versatile blue paint color that can be used in a variety of ways in your home!

This paint color is perfect for painting accent cabinets in the kitchen, like the island, or bathroom vanity units! If you prefer your cabinetry to be more neutral, then use Upward on all four walls.

If you prefer to make a statement with a color instead, use Upward as the feature wall paint color and pair it with neutrals for the rest of the space. This will allow you to inject color into your home without being overly committed. Plus – paint color is easy to change in a few years time if needed!

Pair Sherwin Williams Upward with deeper tones of blue, and neutrals! You can also use browns and deep greens to create a truly balanced and visually interesting interior.


What to Watch Out for

As with any paint color you choose for your home, there are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using Sherwin Williams Upward! 

Sherwin Williams Upward has = cool undertones which is important to remember. If you use this color too much in your home it could feel cold and uninviting. To combat this, always pair this color with neutrals that have warmer undertones or warm colors. My recommendation is to use this color with warm colors to create a rich and well-balanced space.

Accent Color Pairings

No blog post of this kind would be complete without some ideas on color schemes for your home! Sherwin Williams Upward (SW 6239) can be paired with a variety of colors, or simply pair it with neutral colors to create a feature out of it.

With Upward’s undertones being cool, you can lean into this and create a cooler feeling space, or pair it with warmer colors to create a balanced interior. 

Here are some color palettes I have put together to show you just how versatile this color can be!

What do you think of Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2024? Will you be incorporating this soft blue tone into your home?

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