Dreamy Laundry Rooms

As a mom of twin toddlers I’ve come around to the fact that I spend a lot more of my time in my laundry room these days! And as they grow older this is likely to continue… I’m sure many moms will feel the same and agree with me when I say that our laundry rooms deserve to be a clean, sleek and almost relaxing part of the house (despite the “humm” of the washing machine!) As I’ve transitioned into being a mom I really appreciate having a room that I can escape to and get all the laundry done without the busy-ness of the rest of the house.

Now that we’re moving into Spring it’s a great time to look at the space we go to in order to keep our house and clothes clean. Over the last few years we have seen first hand on social media how positive it can be to clean our homes. It’s an amazing feeling when you’ve completed tidied a room, finished the laundry or made the kitchen spotless again. Having a well designed, practical and beautiful laundry room can definitely help matters! That’s why I’ve put together this Shop the Look feature so you can create a dreamy laundry room too.

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How to Recognize a Dreamy Laundry Room

A dreamy laundry room provides a practical environment to clean, sort laundry and dry / fold clothes and bed sheets. This typically includes the washing machine, a dryer, cabinets for storing cleaning products, shelves and a sink. As for materials and color schemes for a dreamy laundry room, this largely depends on the interior style throughout the rest of the home, however a calming and light selection of colors paired with practical materials should be chosen.

Fun Facts:

In an ever busy world, we can all find relaxation and satisfaction from cleaning and doing the laundry. There’s nothing more satisfying than finishing the family’s washing and ironing for the week in a practical space fit for purpose. The laundry room should feature hard wearing materials, such as: floor tiles or luxury vinyl tile appropriate for high traffic environments and durable cabinets.

Originally, laundry was first done in streams. This allowed for the water to carry away any particles that caused stains and smells. The clothes or sheets would be rubbed, twisted or slapped against flat rocks. Laundry is still performed this way in some of the more rural locations of poorer countries.

More recently during the 1900s a rub board was used in bathtubs or sinks and clothes would be scrubbed on the board. This was before we saw the washing machines we know today, become common in the 1950’s.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Neutral, light and calming colors
  • Integrated, durable and hard wearing cabinets
  • Sink and faucet
  • Laundry drying racks
  • Washing machine, dryer and other appliances

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Scandinavian Design

Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

This wall mounted drying rack is a classic method of drying clothes that provides a modern and contemporary feel to any laundry room. A must-have!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Vintage Laundry Room Wall Art

Add a decorative canvas wall art to your laundry to dress the space and make it feel a part of your home.

Scandinavian Design

Hand-Woven Storage Baskets

These seagrass wicker storage baskets are perfect for storing cleaning cloths or products.

Scandinavian Design

Large Woven Laundry Hamper

Woven rope laundry hampers are an absolute must! Especially for families – you can fit lots of clothes / sheets / towels and easily transport washing between areas of the home.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Rustic Wood Shelves

Adding shelves to your laundry room helps to add more storage space, and is an area where you can dress the room.

Scandinavian Design

Wall-Mounted Expandable Drying Rack

Another fantastic wall-mounted drying rack that expands and saves space in your laundry room!

Personalize Your Space

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