Kids Reading Nooks

Reading is a huge part of kids development and creating a reading nook can really help them to harness the skill! Not to mention make it more enjoyable for them. I regularly work on projects for families and wanted to share my advice with you on how to create a successful reading nook. Whether your kids are into bold colors, animals, unicorns, or something else entirely, you can use the design principles shared in this Shop the Look feature. Let’s take a closer look at how you can create a Kids Reading Nook successfully!

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Kids Reading Nooks

Creating environments suitable and safe for kids can seem like a challenge, let alone making them enjoyable and inspirational for them to learn within! But there is a way of making a reading nook fun and comfortable for them so they want to keep returning back for more.

A key aspect to consider is where the reading nook will be. Ideally, it needs to be somewhere quiet where you have space for a bookcase or shelves and floor area for creating a comfortable and fun space. You will also want to consider the fabric you use here for any chairs or floor pillows. Choose washable, cleanable, and durable fabrics you don’t need to worry about any spills during reading time. To create a fun corner for them, always include fun and creative wall decor that is relevant to their interests.

Fun Facts:

Kids bedrooms and reading nooks should be inspiring and joyful for them to enjoy while also combining play and education all-in-one.

While nowadays many kids enjoy learning from iPads and other pieces of technology, there are many more benefits to learning the old-school way through books. You can encourage your kids to learn more through books by providing them with a comfortable and fun reading nook. This could be as simple as a fun little corner of their room or somewhere else in the home dedicated to them.

For a kids reading nook, the emphasis should be on adding inspirational decor tailored to their interests and hobbies, while providing a comfortable space for them to play and read. Invest in good quality bookcases that can be used for many years to come. Use baskets to store toys or extra books.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Comfortable lounge chair or floor pillows
  • Bookcase or shelves
  • Styling through kids toys
  • Wall decor relevant to interests and hobbies
  • Storage baskets (for hiding toys, books, magazines)
  • Comforting textiles (decorative pillows and throw blankets)

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Fuzzy Fur Bean Bag

This fur bean bag is ideal for any kids reading nook! Comfort is key and this bean bag is perfect for any little ones.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

6-Cube Bookcase

This 6-cube bookcase is the perfect addition to any kids bedroom or reading nook! Pair with a bean bag or floor pillows to create the perfect reading corner.

Scandinavian Design

Multi-Colored Geometric Floor Pillow

Floor pillows are great for kids reading nooks! This stylish multi-colored and geometric pillow makes a great addition to any space.

Scandinavian Design

Multi-Cubby Organizer

This multi-cubby organiser stores toys, books and anything else your kids may need for an inspiring reading nook.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Oversized Velvet Floor Pillow

These floor pillows are available in lots of different colors making them ideal for any kids reading nook.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Wide Bookcase

Use a natural bookcase to add a Scandinavian touch to your kids bedroom or reading nook.

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