Luxury Guest Room

My husband and I traveled quite often before we had kids. One trip in particular that comes to mind is the trip we took to Italy. Our first stop was in Rome, and we stayed at an incredible hotel. Hilton’s Rome Cavalieri offered luxurious accommodations and was a wonderful refuge after hopping across the pond. We enjoyed the most amazing pillows I’ve ever laid my head on, a pillow menu to select from (which I didn’t need because the pillows were incredible, but if I needed a buckwheat pillow, I knew I could get one…), beautiful views, and an incredible staff. There were so many aspects of the hotel that made me feel like I was surrounded in pure luxury, and I strive to make my guests feel as loved and welcome in my own home.

The festive season is right around the corner now and for many, that means entertaining with family and friends. While it may be slightly different this year, providing a luxurious feeling guest room should be a part of everyone’s preparations. Make your guests feel as welcome and at home as possible with our top tips and tricks in this Shop the Look feature.

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How to Recognize a Luxury Guest Room

A luxury guest room provides guests with everything they need for their stay. This includes luxury bath towels, candles and diffusers, premium pillows and bed linens, bedside lamps with integrated phone charging ports, and even travel-sized toiletries. As for color schemes, a calming and light selection of colors should be chosen with an emphasis on quality textiles used throughout. 

Fun Facts:

In an ever busy and hectic world, we all find relaxation in taking vacations or spending time with our loved ones. The luxury guest room design originates from luxurious hotels across the world with relaxation and comfort at the forefront. By channeling the design cues, accessories, and supreme comfort from premium hotel rooms, you too can create a luxurious room for your guests. If in doubt, think of your favorite hotel and think about the little finishing touches that make the rooms special.

Above all, a luxury guest room should be made to make anyone feel relaxed and at home. This is often found with the key points we have mentioned: premium pillows and bed linen, luxurious towels, travel size toiletries, and bedside lamps with plugs in the base for phones and tablets.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Neutral, light and calming colors
  • High quality pillows and linens
  • Luxurious towels
  • Candles and diffusers
  • Homely touches such as, bedside clock, indoor plants and welcoming wall prints

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Scandinavian Design

By My Guest Printable Art

This simple set of 2 artwork is perfect for any guest room! The monochrome design helps to neutrally add interest to the walls.

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Premium Quality Towels

Add premium quality towels to the foot of the bed to make guests feel welcome.

Scandinavian Design

600 Thread Count Bed Sheets

Luxurious bed linen hugely enhances comfort and sleep quality! A must-have for any guest room.

Scandinavian Design

USB Dimmable Touch Lamps (set of 2)

These elegant bedside lamps are dimmable, touch controlled and also feature USB ports for easy phone and tablet charging.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Candle and Reed Diffuser Set

Add a candle and diffuser to your guest room to enhance the overall scent and add to decorative accessories.

Scandinavian Design

Peace Lily Plant

Indoor plants enhance air quality and make a great decorative piece to interiors too.

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