Timeless Window Treatments

We’ve been working on oodles of custom window treatment projects, and it’s been so much fun! Window treatments are available in thousands of styles, and with customizations, the sky really is the limit. When we’re designing custom window treatments for our clients, we’ve been erring on the side of timelessness. Custom window treatments are an investment and we want these beautiful works of art to be beautiful and functional for many years. Let’s take a closer look at timeless window treatments, what this means and how you can achieve this in your home too.

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Timeless Window Treatments

Each room of the home will require different window treatments. Not only because the other design aspects of the spaces are different, but because of the use for each room changing throughout. For example, in bedrooms we recommend using black-out lining for curtains or blinds, however, for general living spaces like the living and dining rooms, black-out lining usually won’t be required. The question of “curtains or blinds?” for each room depends on the shape of the window and what else is going on around it. Some windows will naturally look better with curtains, while others will need blinds. We also love layering treatments to create a polished and professional look. 

As a general rule, curtains or drapes make spaces feel homely and cozy because of the fluidity of the material, making them great for bedrooms, living, and dining rooms. Whereas blinds are more rigid in shape and therefore work best for bathrooms and kitchens, or as a layer under a soft treatment. 

Fun Facts:

Window treatments originated more than 2,000 years ago by the Romans. They wanted to prevent dust and debris from getting into their homes and hung a damp piece of cloth over windows and doors to collect dust particles. Other treatments such as shutters were also used while drapery was introduced to “Great Halls” and churches.

The idea of timeless design though has evolved greatly over the last few years but has actually been a part of a much larger movement. Timeless design can mean something different to everyone because of differing tastes, but there is one aspect that always runs true. That is the idea of something that lasts and looks beautiful for a lifetime.

Window treatments are often an investment, this isn’t something that you will want to be updating every couple of years. They should be able to work with your evolving interior space over the years, and not be something you change out frequently. 

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Perfectly tailored
  • Simple patterns
  • Made-to-Measure

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