Trend Alert: Gold Hardware 

Interior design trends change regularly. Rest assured, we’re here to help keep you updated on what’s hot in residential design. Today’s trend alert is gold hardware. We’ve seen a surging interest in gold hardware in both kitchen and bathroom designs, however this is a trend that can be difficult to master without an interior designer. We’re sharing tips and tricks on how to get this right!

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Why we love it!

Gold hardware is a classic that never really goes out of style, even when the trend passes – every trend comes back around at some point! This type of hardware provides a more luxurious look to both kitchens and bathrooms. Gold hardware can also be paired with many different finishes to create a truly personalized look. 

How to use it 

Gold hardware is not only extremely stylish but also relatively straight forward to implement into your home. The great thing about using this finish for hardware is that it will go with almost any other finish or colors in your home, making gold hardware extremely versatile.

Use gold hardware with monochromatic spaces or colored areas to create a fun and playful contrast. For monochrome areas gold hardware provides some color and interest to the space. You can use different style handles, door knobs and a huge variety of cabinet handles.

Available in many different lengths, overall finish and designs – there is something for every style and interior scenario.  

What to watch for

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using gold hardware in your home.

There are different variations of gold hardware available, such as brushed brass, polished and different shades of gold, bronze or brass which can make the final selection difficult. Whichever variation of gold hardware you ultimately choose, make sure you purchase the same finish from the same supplier to ensure consistency between different handles and knobs.

You should consider different finishes and suppliers carefully as some finishes can fade away over time. Opt for a “living” finish which will age naturally over time with continued use. 

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Choose a gold hardware finish that goes well with other finishes in your home, such as your main door handles and key light fittings. The new hardware doesn’t necessarily need to be the same finish as these other fixtures but they should all compliment each other when put together so they don’t clash visually.

Gold hardware can last a lifetime in your home if used in the right areas and are paired with other equally flattering finishes.

Pair gold hardware with colored surfaces, such as painted kitchen cabinetry, to create a playful and energetic space. Alternatively, gold hardware can be used with neutral finishes to create a timeless look.

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