Trend Alert: Plaster Fireplaces

Fireplace design, where do you even start?! From concrete, to plaster, straight lines and curved, how do you even start making a decision on which fireplace is for you? Plaster Fireplaces are fast becoming a great option for many homeowners as they create a truly unique look and feel to any home. 

This Trend Alert focuses on Plaster Fireplaces and we share our top tips and ideas on how to successfully choose one for your own home. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love plaster fireplaces!

Plaster Fireplaces are simple yet contemporary, and they are a total hit with our clients! They are minimal and easily allow for custom millwork to be installed either side of the fireplace. Plaster fireplaces are a huge hit in California right now, and are taking the rest of the US by storm too!

How to use them. 

Adding a plaster fireplace to your home may seem like a tremendous task, but it’s actually fairly simple! 

If you already have a fireplace in your home you will need to seek advice from a specialist as to whether it can be changed to suit a plaster surround or what extra fire retardant layers need to be added before the final plaster finish.

Alternatively, if you are adding a new fireplace in you will need to build a chimney wall into the space so the fireplace can be installed and finished. You would then have the wall itself finished with plaster and painted to match the walls.

What to watch for with plaster fireplaces

There are some considerations to take into account when considering a plaster fireplace in your home…

Not all fireplaces are suitable for a simple plaster finish and extra layers will need to be built to ensure it’s safe. Always discuss with a professional contractor before committing and purchasing.

Ways to make a plaster fireplace last in your home

A plaster fireplace can last a lifetime in your home!

The key to ensuring your plaster fireplace lasts is to choose a talented contractor. They will be installing the fireplace and finishing the surrounding area so it’s vital to choose someone who has had previous experience with plaster fireplaces.

The longevity of a plaster fireplace also depends on the overall design! A simple and paired back design is timeless and will stand the test of time in any home. Do you prefer a simple box opening for the fireplace? Or perhaps a more ornate design like an arch. It’s important to consider how far into the room the chimney wall gets built too. Something too shallow or too thick will look out of place.

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Use a slightly ornate mantel for above your fireplace to finish off the simplistic look!

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