Trend Alert: Quartz Backsplashes

I love to design kitchens because of the variety of styles and practical solutions I can provide a homeowner. One key element of kitchen design that has become increasingly popular recently is Quartz Backsplashes! If you love modern and sleek interiors then you’ll want to know everything about this Trend Alert. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love it!

Quartz backsplashes are a great option if you’re looking to create a super sleek and modern kitchen design. Often the Quartz backsplash is the same finish as the countertops so the final result is seamless. Aside from the premium finish, Quartz is a fantastic countertop material that can be used as a backsplash too due to its durability.

How to use it. 

Another reason why we love using Quartz in kitchen designs is the amount of variety available! Whether you’re looking for a marble, granite or plain solid surface, there really is something for everyone.

Instead of using decorative tiling as your kitchen backsplash, use the same or contrasting quartz as your countertop for your backsplash areas.

What to watch for.

There are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using quartz backsplashes in your home…

Firstly, while most quartz surfaces have the same durable qualities, you should always check that your desired quartz is suitable for use as a backsplash. Specifically, with gas ranges and cooktops, it’s important to ensure there is enough space between the appliance and the quartz wall surface. Make sure you discuss this with your builder or quartz representative to ensure the quartz won’t discolor.

While it can be tempting to choose a quartz surface from images on the internet, you should try to see a real-life large-sized sample to make sure you’re happy with the coloring. It’s amazing how much the real thing can differ from small images on the web.

Ways to make this trend last in your home

Quartz backsplashes can last many years in your home!

The first step for ensuring your quartz backsplash lasts a lifetime, is to choose a design/colorway that you absolutely LOVE, and that works well with the other finishes, such as cabinets and paint colors. If in doubt, choose a timeless quartz surface, such as a marble, which will stand the test of time.

Not sure if Quartz is right for you? Read our previous post – Kitchen Countertop Materials – for more information!

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