Trend Alert: Widespread Faucets

During some of my recent bathroom remodel projects, the question of using Widespread Faucets has come up and has been hugely popular! Even in my interior design Facebook Group, many homeowners are choosing them over standard one-hole faucets. Let’s take a closer look at Widespread Faucets!

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Why we widespread faucets!

We love using widespread faucets in bathrooms because they provide the user with more control over the water’s temperature. Widespread faucets feature separate hot and cold handles that are independent of the main spout. These faucets are available in a variety of finishes – just like any other style of bathroom faucet! Widespread faucets can also be installed as wall-mounted or deck-mounted (depending on the model), providing a lot of flexibility for each project.

How widespread faucets. 

There are two main ways to use widespread faucets in the bathroom, and that is either as a deck-mounted set or wall mounted. This choice will be largely determined by the overall design that needs to be achieved. For modern or minimal spaces, wall-mounted should be considered if plumbing alterations are possible, however, there are lots of deck-mounted styles on the market that will also achieve a minimal look!

The key to using widespread faucets is to ensure that your vanity or countertop has three holes pre-drilled instead of just one. Or, if you’re proceeding with wall-mounted, you won’t require any pre-drilled holes in the countertop at all!

What to watch for.

As with any interior design trend, there are some considerations that you should take into account when thinking of installing widespread faucets in your home.

Firstly is the existing plumbing. In most cases this won’t have to change, but if you do decide to use wall mounted widespread faucets you will need to make sure the plumbing can be changed for this. If you are unsure in any way, please consult with a professional plumber before purchasing products!

The final thing to consider carefully is the surface in which the faucets are being installed. If you are swapping like-for-like (widespread for a new widespread set) then there will be no problems. However if you are installing a new vanity unit with new countertops or going from one single handle faucet to widespread, you will need additional drilled holes in the countertop to accommodate this.

Ways to make widespread faucets last in your home

Widespread faucets can last many years in your home if you choose a timeless finish and design!

Choosing a simple design will ensure that the widespread faucet will still be in style and relevant in many years to come. If your preferred interior tastes are more traditional though, faucets with white detailing give a classical look.

In terms of finish for widespread faucets, chrome, silver, and gold or brass faucets will always be in style. While copper, bronze or matte black may go out of trend sooner.

Our advice is to always choose the designs and finishes that you absolutely love and will love to see and use for many many years!

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