One of the easiest ways of creating a timeless design is through neutrally upholstered furniture. Classic and simple shapes like this sofa, with neutral fabric that will work with any other colored accessories.

Lately, we’ve been working on some really fun projects, and the main request has been to create timelessness in the design. At least when it comes to more expensive components or difficult items to change out. We love integrating timeless elements in a space – but what does that really mean?

When a request comes in for a timeless design, this typically needs to be a space that the homeowner absolutely loves for many years and not just for right now. It’s not about a fleeting design trend or “colors of the moment” – it goes much deeper than this for our clients. It’s a design that truly stands the test of time that the homeowner is unlikely to want to change as they grow older in age or be tempted to change for trends that come and go.

So today we’re going to explore this question of what makes a design timeless, and share with you our ideas of what furniture and fixtures truly make a design timeless. Are you ready?


A Timeless Color Palette


We recommend investing in lighting fixtures that are finished timelessly – such as this brass base table lamp. This will last many years, and the lampshade can be switched out for different colors if needed. 

A timeless design often starts off with a timeless color palette. What this means is selecting colors and materials that form the foundation for everything else. This could be selecting two or three neutral paint colors to use throughout the home (that will be accented with other, deeper or brighter colors through accessories). And then flooring or cabinetry finishes that not only work well with the neutral palette but are warm tones that can work with any other color or pattern you choose for the main decor.

To choose a timeless color palette, think about which neutral colors you prefer. Are you more of a black, white, and shades of gray type of person? Or do you prefer creams, beiges, and browns for neutral colors? This ultimately forms the basis you build a design upon.

Color lovers – don’t worry! Brighter colors, such as red, green, blue, pink, yellows, etc, can all be incorporated within a design through pillows, throws, and other decorative pieces. These colors will all come and go as design trends and your personal taste changes. 

To create a truly timeless design you should avoid extremely bright tones of these colors if you can and choose deeper, richer hues instead. Think burgundy red, navy blues, and deep emerald greens.


Keeping the initial color scheme neutral allows you to accessories with seasonal colors throughout the years. The neutral base will last a lifetime. We love the classic roll arms of the sofas and armchairs here – these will never go out of style!



We love rolled arms on sofas – they are a true classic that makes a living room feel timeless. Investing well in these key items will last more than 10 years. 

Another area of interiors that heavily influences the timelessness of an overall design are the shapes of the furniture pieces chosen. Opting for classically shaped furniture will last a lifetime and never look dated.

For sofas, look for a classic shape that features rolled or track arms. Rolled style arms are a true classic, while track arms are more modern with the clean right-angled shape. These are timeless shapes that will work with any style of interior.

Armchairs can either match the classic shape of the sofa or could be a feature in their own right. If you do go down the feature armchair route, keeping the shape simple will ensure the longevity of your investment.

Other furniture pieces like headboards contribute to designs being timeless… If you follow the principles of neutral finishes for large items (like headboards, sofas etc) then they really can last a lifetime! Even if you end up moving homes too – these pieces will be much easier to incorporate into a new space.



A set of brushed nickel faucets with modern shapes are a timeless addition to any bathroom or powder room! 


Next, we’re going to look at plumbing and lighting fixtures and how the choices for these can influence an interior space’s timelessness. 

For plumbing, this comes down to the finish… Brass or chrome are timeless finishes that will work exceptionally well with all other colors or finishes used within the room. Equally nickel or bronze will really stand the test of time. However, we do suggest being cautious with black plumbing as this is more likely to go in and out of fashion. A timeless design is about using finishes that will always look beautiful.

Lighting is often overlooked when it comes to redecorating any home but plays a vital role in creating a timeless interior too. Aside from the lighting providing a practical element to spaces, they can also enhance the overall design through the materials used – similarly to the plumbing discussed above. Keeping the same finish for door hardware and light fittings helps you to create a cohesive design that is also timeless. 

We love the timelessness of the furniture used here. These pieces can be paired with any accent colors the homeowner likes!


Other Elements


A good quality headboard helps to create a timeless bedroom… Whether it’s the master suite or a guest room, these investments last many years. 

If the above isn’t enough to inspire additional items to make your design timeless, we have a few more ideas up our sleeves!

First, let’s talk about window treatments. Approach your windows with classic treatments… Think elegant tie backs and header details made from neutral fabrics. For a more modern approach, you could look at metal curtain poles that complement other fittings like lights or hardware.

And lastly – built-ins. These can be an investment, particularly if you need to go down the custom route, but these pieces of cabinetry last a lifetime. Integrating storage cabinets with open or closed shelving can be a real lifesaver for families with lots of stuff. And even when the kids grow out of the family home, these can be used just as well as before. Explore different suppliers and manufacturers to ensure excellent quality design and end result.


Focus on using items that will never go out of style… Do you agree with these points discussed on what makes a design timeless? What would you add or remove? We would love to hear your thoughts on making a design timeless in the comments section below! Also, check out our new Collection on SideDoor where we have collated some of our favorite pieces that help to create a timeless interior.