I have spoken to a lot of homeowners over the years, and one key aspect of designing or updating their home is regularly referred to as “wanting to make an impact”. Creating spaces where they not only love to spend time in, but that will also have a big impact on guests and the overall feeling they get when walking into the room.

But what is “making a big impact” in interior design terms? Well – this is quite subjective because what you view as a big impact may not be the same for someone else. However, there are some key design ideas that can help you to make a big impact!

In this blog post, I take you through 4 design ideas to make a big impact. Let’s dive in!


1. Paint


Paint is a cost-effective way of making changes to any space. Whether it’s by creating a feature wall with a bold or bright color, or simply giving a room a refresh, paint can make a big impact and shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Using paint in your home is an opportunity to get creative! You could use paint to create a half-height or third wall of color to create contrast. Or why not use tape to create a geometric pattern?


Paint is a great way of getting creative with your space, and you can make a huge impact with it too! In this example, paint has been used to create interesting shapes in varying colors on the feature wall.


Integrate a new pattern into your space with this beautiful navy blue throw pillow! Pair with other neutral pillows to complete the look.

2. Update Patterns


Using patterns in your space is extremely important for creating a visually interesting interior. But when was the last time you updated, changed, or swapped these around in your home? Or perhaps you haven’t introduced a pattern into your home yet, this is a great opportunity to do so and make an impact with your choice!

For spaces with lots of patterns already used, it’s worth simplifying it by swapping some of the busier patterns out. Switch these elements like art, throw pillows or rugs for simpler patterns. The simple changes and updates to a space help to make an impact.

If your space is simpler in design and only colors have been used so far, it’s a good opportunity to start introducing some patterns! You could add a bold wallpaper, some festive art, or make a splash with a bold patterned rug. Find patterns that feature colors you have already used in the space to pull everything together and create a cohesive look.


Using patterns in a space gives it life and creates a cohesive design. Choose patterns that use colors already in the space to bring everything together!


You can easily add LED strip lights to your home! This set of LED strip lights is remote-controlled.

3. Lighting


If you are a regular reader here, you’ll know that I’m super passionate about lighting and how it has the power to transform any space. When you start to use lighting creatively in the home, you can really make a big impact! So this is definitely a trick I have up my sleeve for many of my design projects.

Adding recessed lighting to a space, or adding new lamps, will give you more control over how the space is illuminated. The design of these pieces can make a big difference to your home too.


The way we use lighting in a space can make a big impact. Use LED strips concealed behind mirrors to create a modern and sleek look.


4. Window Treatments

Stripes are a simple pattern that you can easily integrate into simpler spaces. We love this striped throw pillow!


Dressing your windows well can make a big impact on how the space looks and feels. Depending on what the room is being used for and whether you need complete blackout or not, will influence the type of window treatments required. 

Window treatments that hug a window’s frame look very different from those that are hung high and wide. It is worth researching different options and how they look in similar spaces to yours.

For any space, it is worth looking into layering window treatments as this can make a big impact on the overall room and completely elevate the space. Use drapery panels to dress the window itself, and have a blind installed closer to the window itself to provide the flexibility of extra privacy.


Layering window treatments have a number of benefits, but above all, this can completely elevate a space! You can introduce patterns here too.


You can read more about layering window treatments here!


Have you used any of these ideas to make a big impact in your home? Would you add anything to this list? Let us know in the comments section!