5 Things to Include in Your Spa Bathroom


Do you struggle to make time for “me time” or self-care in general? It could be because you have kids, pets, and a busy work life. I get it! It can be difficult to find the right balance and make time for you. Did you know that the design of your bathroom could be halting your self-care regime?

Creating a bathroom that looks and feels like a spa is a great step in prioritizing your self-care. Spa bathrooms are a soothing and tranquil place to spend time in that makes it easier to start a new pampering routine. With a few extra practical touches to a bathroom, you can easily create a space that feels like stepping into your very own spa-like sanctuary. 

No matter what your situation or reasons for wanting some more “me time”, I’ve gathered my Top 5 Things to Include in Your Spa Bathroom that will totally transform your space!

Let’s take a closer look!

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1. Multiple Shower Heads


First up – multiple shower heads!

If you have ever been to a spa you might have noticed how luxurious the showers looked and felt. From large rainfall shower heads installed to the ceiling, to body jets on the walls, and a hand-held shower – spas create a luxurious feel to showers by using a variety of different shower heads.

At home, you can create a similar effect! Use multiple shower heads to give yourself extra flexibility when showering. Hand-held showers are great for rinsing off specific areas of the body and can make cleaning much easier and quicker!

In this shower we designed, I included a standard wall mounted overhead shower head. This is what most showers have and is utilitarian, great for a quick shower or relaxing. It’s really a work horse in the shower.

I also included a handheld shower positioned between the wall mounted shower and the bench. This is great for use if sitting on the bench, rinsing off, or even to operate as a secondary overhead fixture!

The rain shower is chilling mounted and provides a luxurious experience. Generally, ceiling rain showers aren’t the best for hair washing, but they do create a luxury feel and experience!

The specific combination of different shower heads is completely up to you and your personal preferences when it comes to showering. Would you enjoy body jets or could they be annoying for you? Explore all the options and choose what is best for you.


2. Heated Towel Rack


The ultimate spa-like bathroom hack is a heated towel rack! There is nothing better than stepping out of your shower or bathtub to a warm set of towels.

Not only does the heated towel rack keep your towels warm once you have finished bathing or showering, they help to keep your towels dry and fresh in between showers. Plus – they help to keep the bathroom feeling warm, which is a very welcome addition if you have cold stone finishes.

In this bathroom project we designed, we opted for a hardwired, wall-mounted towel rack. Originally, there was a makeup vanity in this area that we had removed as part of the renovation, and the power was already in place. This was a very easy tie-in. The electrician simply needed to lower the junction box location, hardwire the unit, and we were ready to go. The shower exits directly to this area, so it made perfect sense.

Towel warmers are available in different models. There are also plug-in models as well as freestanding models. Sizes and colors vary too! Towel warmers are a great way to add luxury to a bathroom.


3. Double Vanity Unit


Whenever I design a primary bathroom for a client, a double vanity unit is either requested by them or I recommend one to them if there is space. Simply because, who wants to be fighting for space by the sink each morning?! Double vanity units can help prevent early morning arguments with your spouse if you both get ready at similar times each day.

Aside from avoiding domestics, double vanity units provide a huge amount of storage for each person using the bathroom, as well as a his and hers sink. Not only that, double vanity units look beautiful in any space!


4. Soaking Bathtub


Soaking bathtubs are up next! 

These tubs are different from your average alcove bathtub because they are much deeper allowing you to fully submerge yourself in a more comfortable position. Standard bathtubs are no more than 19 inches deep, while soaking tubs are roughly 23 inches (although it does vary between manufacturers).

Soaking bathtubs offer the ultimate relaxation and are a must-have in any spa-like bathroom!


5. State of the Art Lighting


Lastly, the finishing touch to any bathroom – is lighting!

To create a spa bathroom you will need state of the art lighting in order to create different ambiances depending on what you’re doing. For example, having good lighting around the vanity will ensure you light the face well for grooming and makeup application. Add overhead lighting to eliminate any shadows created to provide a good overall, well-lit space.

Consider lighting for inside the shower: will you add LED strips in product niches? You’ll also need wet-rated recessed spot lights for the ceiling. If you have a separate toilet room then this will also need lighting. You may benefit from a dimmer switch here or secondary lighting if you wake during the night.

Aside from the practical sides of lighting in the bathroom, think about what ambient lighting you can add in. Use a decorative wall sconce for the vanity unit and perhaps a chandelier or flush-mount for the ceiling.

Personalize Your Space

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