It’s that time of year that “comes out of nowhere” every time! Christmas of course is just around the corner and it’s only right that I share with you some tips and tricks for Christmas Decorating! Being prepared around this time of year is absolutely key. Especially (and more so in some cases) if you have kids like me!

One of the most enriching and cherished moments of Christmas for me is preparing the house with the kids. And as they’re getting older they are eager to help and love getting in the Christmas spirit! While it’s not always possible to change the decor every year, trying to incorporate different ornaments or colors can help to make it feel fresh.

I’ve gathered some of my ideas and the very best of Christmas decorating for 2021 in this blog post!


Sherwin Williams Forever Green paint color

The Minimal Approach

If you’re a lover of modern and contemporary interiors, this Christmas decorating style is definitely for you! Like with these interior spaces, think simple and minimalistic styles when it comes to your Christmas decor. As they sometimes say, “less is more”!

I love the elegance of a simple botanical fir dressing the dinner table with white and gold candles and serveware. The simplicity helps to avoid clutter being created and looks visually beautiful from every angle.

Even with your Christmas tree, avoiding the clutter of huge amounts of baubles or choosing not to use tinsel can completely change the whole look of your home this Christmas. Embrace the simplicity!

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Faux Long Needle Pine Garland

We love this minimal pine garland because it’s absolutely beautiful on its own!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Christmas Pine Cones and Branch Set (Pack of 170)

This large pack of snowy pine cones and branches is perfect for adding an elegant decorative touch throughout your home!

Scandinavian Design

Icicle Ornament Set

Clear or silver ornaments are great for creating a minimal Christmas decor theme!

Scandinavian Design

Acrylic Diamond Ornament Set

We love using acrylic ornaments too! Great for breaking up other solid ornaments in the tree.

Going Green

While the world’s focus over the last couple of months has been surrounding the environment and our planet, it’s a great year to start thinking about how you can be more sustainable with your Christmas decorations. Not only this, shades of green have been chosen by many paint brands as their color of the year for 2022. Making this the perfect time to decorate with shades of green and be more conscious of the environment.

Embracing the natural colors of Christmas in your decorations couldn’t be easier, and you can reuse many of them year on year. Using fir or pine garlands around the home are great for using as simple decorations or as a base for other accessories too. Choose a good quality plain garland that you can use every year. With plain garlands you can add berries and other botanicals in future years if you wish.

In terms of being kinder to the environment, this is where you can get the kids involved! Making your own decorations is the best way to be sustainable, by choosing recyclable materials for this. Choosing decorations that don’t contain plastic and are made from wood is also a good way to be kinder to the environment.

Scandinavian Design

Faux Cypress Garland

This faux cypress garland is a full green and luscious piece that will serve you well for many years!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Wood Bead Garland

Adding texture to your Christmas decorations couldn’t be easier… This wood bead garland is perfect for anyone environmentally conscious!

Scandinavian Design

Paper Honeycomb Decorations

Using paper based ornaments will help to be conscious of the environment this year!

Scandinavian Design

Faux Arrangement and Vase

Embrace the green in your home this Christmas with this faux arrangement and terracotta vase.

Modern Classics

This year there’s a lot of focus around embracing the classic colors of Christmas but in a modern way, rather than looking overwhelming. Think green colored botanicals, garlands, wreaths and table accessories, paired with red berries. There are some really tasteful ways of embracing the classic colors that are suitable for many homes in 2021.

For the Christmas tree, use red colored baubles on a plain tree without any tinsel. This will emphasize the color of the tree’s branches and baubles in a minimal way. Paired with LED lights this will create the perfect evening and nighttime setting for your living room!

And for the Christmas Day table set up, choose one color for the table linens and napkins and decorate the center of the table with the other. For example, use green colored napkins and decorate the table itself with red berries and cream candles.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Red Pine Ornament

We love this classic Christmas bauble ornament! Add both color and glitz to your tree this year.

Scandinavian Design

Red Berry Stems (Pack of 40)

We love having red berry stems on hand when decorating the house for Christmas! Great for adding into wreaths, garlands and the Christmas tree!

Scandinavian Design

Faux Red Berry and Pine Garland

We love the vibrant red berries of this classic Christmas garland!

Scandinavian Design

Red Lacquer Bell Ornament

This bell ornament combines modern materials with a classic shape!

Neutral Noel

Following the more contemporary feel for Christmas decorating, embracing the neutral tones that are on trend this year makes the perfect theme for all your decorations. 

Use warm tones like browns, golds, cream and white to create an inviting, warm and beautiful Christmas decorating theme for your home! Add in some glitter and glam for the ultimate look.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Reindeer Ornament

We love this classic white reindeer ornament! Great for pairing with other neutral colors on the tree.

Scandinavian Design

Gold Star Tree Topper

This gold star lit tree topper looks beautiful both unlit and lit! Adding some festive sparkle to your tree.

Scandinavian Design

Faux Winter Frost Pinecone Garland

We love the neutral textures of this winter garland! If you’d prefer to add some color you can use red berry stems.

Scandinavian Design

Metallic Paper Christmas Ornaments (Set of 15)

This ornament set showcases the best of sustainable Christmas decorations and a warm color palette!

So there you have it! My top Christmas decorating tips on this year’s most-wanted styles. Which type of Christmas decorator are you? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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