Cherry Christmas Decor

With the festive season right around the corner now, it’s only right that we share with you a true classic when it comes to home decor – Cherry Christmas Decor. Adding color to our homes at this time of year is a real joy, and even more so this year! Get a head start on your festive decor this year with this Cherry Christmas Decor Shop the Look feature. Discover more about this tradition and how to add some festive color to your home this year. 

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Cheerful Christmas Decor

Cheerful Christmas decor can take different forms for different people. Depending on your personal style, cheerful Christmas decor may include traditional reds and greens. For others, it represents bright colors featured in new and exciting ways. Christmas decor includes ornaments on the Christmas tree, wreaths or garlands, and even candles. Today we’ll focus on traditional reds and greens. Festive colors complement all interior schemes because of the classic colors used. Green and red in particular work well together and provide focal points to all spaces.

Fun Facts:

Cherry red Christmas decor originates from the stories of the Bible in a number of ways. Red was used at Christmas through the apples on the ‘paradise tree’ in the garden of Eden, referring to the fall of Adam in plays. Another reference is that the color is said to refer to Jesus’ blood when he died on the cross. It’s also the color of Holly berries and Father Christmas’ outfit!

Over the years, this classic color and cherry related decor pieces have quickly become some of the key features of Christmas when it comes to decorating the home. They are a strong and bright visual that heavily associates with the festive season due to its origins.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Red colored items or accessories
  • Natural backdrop (warm timber or green from trees)
  • Holly berries are seen widely throughoutSimple and few accessories

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Scandinavian Design

Berry Stems

Berry stems are a must-have for the festive season! The beautiful cherry red color brings classic decor to your home. Use to add color to your garlands, wreaths or Christmas tree.

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Christmas Tree Centerpiece

This Christmas tree centrepiece is a perfect addition to any kitchen or dining room for the festive months.

Scandinavian Design

Artificial Clip-On Birds

Another way to add some classic cherry red decor to your home this festive season is with these beautiful clip-on feathered birds!

Scandinavian Design

Frosted Berry Centerpiece

A frosted berry centerpiece is perfect for any mantelpiece or dining room table to add a little festive cheer and color.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Christmas Ball Ornaments

Another classic for Christmas is of course cherry red balls! Traditionally for decorating trees, you can also use these within decorative bowls and for adding to wreaths or garlands.

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Front Door Wreath

First impressions are always important, so why not add a festive Christmas wreath to your front door?

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