Sherwin Williams Forever Green paint color

Color of the Month | Sherwin Williams Argos

The world of design is moving towards warmer neutrals, and with the warm weather taking a hold in Chicago, I wanted to feature a warm neutral paint color this month! Sherwin Williams Argos (SW 7065) is the Color of the Month for June!

While this paint color may seem like “another gray paint color”, it actually has a lot more depth to it than that, and can work in any home, no matter what your preference of warm vs. cool colors. Sherwin Williams Argos has undertones of both blue and green, so when it is paired with cooler colors it will appear cool, but warmer with other warm colors! The paint color has lots of depth and definitely has a place even in a world moving towards shades of beige.

Pairs Well With…

Sherwin Williams Crabby Apple (SW 7592) and Sherwin Williams Artichoke (SW 6179).

We love how Sherwin Williams Argos pairs well with other neutral colors like off-white, cream, and lighter shades of gray and white. However, to really make this color come alive, pair it with a deep and rich paint color like Sherwin Williams Crabby Apple! The combination of these two paint colors will create a warm, and intimate space.

Alternatively, lean into the warmth of Argos and pair it with Sherwin Williams Artichoke! The natural green of this color will bring the warmth out of Argos to create an inviting space.

Sherwin Williams Champagne

How to use this color in your home…

Sherwin Williams Argos (SW 7065) is perfect for using as an allover wall paint. You can also use it as a feature wall color, or cabinet paint color!

If you use Argos as an allover wall paint, it will serve as a good neutral paint color as the backdrop to the space. Use brighter or bolder colors in accessories and decor to make the scheme come alive. Argos works well as wall paint in any room of the home, or use as a feature wall in naturally darker rooms.

Alternatively, you can incorporate Sherwin Williams Argos into your home through accessories, curtains and rugs! As the color is a neutral gray, it is fantastic to use as a base to then add more bold colors if you wish.

Our Favorite Accessories:

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Scandinavian Design

Blackout Curtain Panels

Add a touch of this month’s color to your bedroom with these blackout curtains! Blackout curtains are a must-have for a good night’s sleep.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Boucle Throw Blanket

Neutrally colored throws are every households must have! Perfect for those cooler evenings when you need some added warmth. The great thing about this one is that the neutral color will go with all other colors already in the space!

Scandinavian Design

Chain Link Wool Pouf

Use a textured pouf like this one, to inject color and texture into your home! I love using poufs in client projects to provide additional seating when entertaining, or simply to round a room off.

Scandinavian Design

Ombre Framed Wall Art

Adding some color to your home is never easier than using framed artwork! We love the simplicity of this ombre piece.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Chunky Wool/Jute Rug

This wool and jute combination area rug adds both texture and neutral color to any living space! Perfect for use in living rooms, hallways or dining rooms.

Scandinavian Design

Fringed Throw Pillow

Throw pillows are a great way of adding color and pattern into a space. This fringed one is perfect for injecting this Sherwin Williams paint color into your home!

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