Dark colored interiors are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, particularly over the last few years. We have seen a surge of interest in dark emerald green, midnight blue, and even rich mahogany reds used within interior spaces at home. However, there are still a fair few that are cautious when it comes to using dark and bold colors at home.

While there are huge benefits to lightly decorated spaces, there are many advantages to going the opposite way too. Dark colors used in interiors can make spaces look and feel more sophisticated and rich if used correctly. They add a sense of character and interest to otherwise small and basic spaces too.

Many people associate dark-colored interiors as being moody and dingy spaces, which can be true if the room is completely painted in black. But we’re going to be talking about using rich and dark hues of colors you wouldn’t ordinarily have chosen to create a more sophisticated interior. Using darker colors for large spaces can help to bring the room in and make it feel more comfortable and warm.

In today’s blog post we are exploring the different ways you can embrace dark colors to create more vibrant and interesting interiors at home. Let’s explore some ideas!


One of the main areas of the home where dark colors work extremely well is the kitchen. It is extremely chic to have dark painted cabinets with light countertops. We love this concept for kitchen design because the dark cabinets help to ground the units better in the space. The great thing about dark kitchen cabinets is that the hardware finish you choose will pop brighter and more emphasis will be made to the overall hardware design with a dark backdrop.

By having painted cabinetry, it also makes it easier to update in the future. Wood finished or lacquered units can prove to be more complicated to modify in years to come. Compliment painted cabinetry with feature wallpaper or paint color to make the units stand out.

The backsplash in kitchens is often overlooked, but this is a great area of the design to introduce dark shades and interesting finishes. You can read more about Backsplash Design Trends here.

If you prefer more monochrome kitchens or subdued color, explore different furniture and accent pieces you can use in a dark shade. Bar stools and other kitchen furniture are great opportunities to introduce dark colors. Black steel-framed furniture with neutral or dark shade seat covers help to bring more color into the space without being too over the top.

Dark kitchen cabinets are a great way to ground the units within a space. Explore different backsplash options, for example, different shapes, sizes, and colors. The backsplash is an opportunity to add character.


Bathrooms and powder rooms are great spaces to be creative with dark colors and textures. While modern design for bathrooms has been known for being clinical and white in overall color, it’s actually a fantastic area of the home where black and other dark colors are taken extremely well!

All black or dark grey bathrooms are extremely chic… Well lit rooms can actually take dark shades very well and create a bold look. Using dark tiles throughout a bathroom helps to break up the white sanitary items.

For smaller bathrooms or powder rooms, these are spaces where you can be even more creative! Using dark and patterned wallpaper here makes any small space a real statement.

We love this dark grey bathroom because it still feels extremely light and airy! The darker tiles help to break up the white bathroom fixtures.


For light sleepers, a dark environment may be extremely beneficial to them. When the bedroom is plunged into darkness, it helps your body to recognize that this is time to switch off and sleep. Using dark colors for the walls, curtains and bedding can all help to encourage a good night’s sleep.

By using dark shades in a bedroom, this puts extra emphasis on the furniture choices because they will stand out more in front of a dark backdrop. Metal framed beds, light-colored upholstered headboards, and mirrored surfaces help to create a striking interior.

Wood Accents

A straightforward way to embrace dark colors in your home is to add wood accents. Because wood finishes have a raw and natural finish, using them in the home is great for those who may be cautious of using dark colors. It doesn’t seem as final or committing like dark paint colors – choosing the right color and shade of a dark color can be daunting.

Adding wood into your interior could be through the furniture choices, and opting for dark or even black painted trim pieces, or simply through the decorative accessories on your shelving. Dark furniture can help to ground spaces in a similar way to dark kitchen cabinets.

Take wood accents one step further and use dark wood floors throughout for the ultimate chic look.

We love using dark timber flooring throughout an interior as it adds a large amount of warmth and character to any space!

Other Ideas

If light and airy spaces suit your home, perhaps for climate reasons, using dark shades through decorative accessories are a great way to bring other colors and shades into the mix. For example, pair deep violet plush pillows with a complimentary piece of artwork to create a cohesive design.

Even a dark statement armchair can make all the difference to an otherwise neutral space.

Above all, be bold and brave! Updating interiors with a fresh coat of paint can really help to bring a space alive. Have you embraced dark colors in your interiors at home? We’d love to hear about your experiences with dark colors in the comments below!