backsplash trends 2020

With little cost, you can easily give your kitchen a refresh! We often get requests asking how someone can update their kitchen without breaking the bank. In most cases the appliances, cupboard fronts, and countertops are in perfect working condition – like new – but the homeowner finds the space has become a little boring now they have lived in it for a few years. They have caught the home improvement bug!

Luckily, there’s a relatively simple and cost-effective way of giving your kitchen a little refresh. And that is through the backsplash! This can quite often be overlooked through the main kitchen design process if a professional isn’t on board, and becomes an area homeowners spend less on so they can spend more on maximizing appliances or countertops.

It’s a shame that backsplashes can get put on the back burner during the main kitchen design process in this way because they add an extremely creative dimension to the overall kitchen.

This week, we want to share with you the two main backsplash design trends of 2020 and help you to put your creative hat back on!

Depth of Color

Adding color to your kitchen through the backsplash is a great way of being creative, without going all out on painting the cabinet fronts a different color! If you’re someone who is likely to get bored quickly with your environment, updating the backsplash first can be a good starting point that doesn’t have to cost a ton. 

The key to adding color to your backsplashes this year is depth of color.

We don’t mean looking for the cheapest colored ceramic tile, we’re talking about intricate mosaic arrangements that are made up of glass and have dimension to them. These are tiles that glisten beautifully when they catch the light just right.

backsplash trends 2020

We recently completed this project where we used a dark blue glass backsplash which created lots of dimension. As the space was open-plan with other areas of the home, using a colored backsplash with interesting design helped to create a curated and cohesive look throughout.

Different Patterns

In previous years, we have seen the classic Subway tile make a comeback. In some circumstances, they work great, particularly for industrial style kitchens and homes.

For 2020 though, it’s the year of being bold, creative, and different! Think outside the box… Instead of installing tiles in a Subway style arrangement, try herringbone instead for a more classic and timeless look. And swap the typical ceramic material for a glazed or colored glass for a bolder and more creative outcome.

Taking this one step further, consider using a different shape of tile altogether. Hexagonal tiles, chevron, and Moroccan fish scale tiles are all taking the kitchen design world by storm and look equally as fantastic. There is a wide variety of options available; different colors, materials, and sizes, which makes the design process a really exciting one!

backsplash trends 2020

We love the use of backsplash tiles here – by installing them all the way up to the ceiling it helps to define the kitchen area. This is particularly helpful for open-plan spaces. It also creates a focal point and highlights the tiling used.

Other Ideas

Aside from the different patterns and deep-colored glass backsplash trends, another idea we are seeing become increasingly popular this year is micromosaics. Being extremely small in size, from afar the backsplash appears to be one sheet of color or multiple colors but when you’re closer the small individual tiles emerge. 

With micro-mosaics, there are even more options available in terms of the design. Diamond shapes, vertical subway, circles, herringbone, squares, and more! If you’re afraid of using color in your home, then using a monochrome or neutral colored micro mosaic as your kitchen splashback adds creativity and interest to the space, while being subtle with little to no color.

Another backsplash design trend that is becoming more regularly used is looking at alternative materials. Stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or zinc are among the favorites. And instead of thinking about metal finished tiles, expand your horizons to using a metal sheet.

For small spaces, using sheets of mirror as the backsplash (or mirrored tile) helps to make the space feel much bigger. This also gives the kitchen a more premium feel, although it can look “glitz and glam” so this is entirely down to personal preference!

backsplash trends 2020

We love this dark and moody kitchen design. The dark metallic micro-mosaic backsplash helps to offset the dark cabinets and adds an interesting dimension to the overall space.

That rounds up the backsplash design trends for 2020! What do you think? Have you updated your kitchen backsplash recently? We’d love to hear your thoughts on these design trends in the comments below! Not sure what style is best for you? Take our style quiz to figure it out!