How to Style a Console Table


Many pieces of furniture create a well-rounded space, each playing a crucial role in the success and overall look and feel of the area. One of the lesser-spoken pieces of furniture is a console table!

Many homeowners associate a console table with being in an entryway as an area to store house keys and essentials before leaving the house. But console tables can also be used in other areas of the home to enhance the design.

Do you have a blank wall space that looks empty and you’re not sure what it needs? A well-styled console table could be the solution! Aside from styling a blank wall, console tables can also define different areas within a space.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your hallway, create a welcoming entryway, mastering the art of styling a console table is sure to elevate your home’s interior design.

In this article we’ll be looking into how a console table can be helpful in your home, and how to style a console table too!

Let’s get started!

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Visual Interest

Console tables have a variety of benefits when used in your home. They add visual interest to blank walls, provide much-needed storage (especially in entryways or hallways), and can help to add a touch of elegance and style into any space too.

When a console table has been styled correctly, it can elevate an entire room’s design. No matter whether you use a wall mirror or artwork above, a console table can frame the area perfectly.

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Defining an Area

We love to use console tables in our interior design projects to help clearly define an area within a space. Particularly when we don’t want a sofa installed right up against the wall, we often use a slim console table to provide another layer of decor to the space. This helps to achieve a well-balanced look.

In our project featured here, we have used a slim console table to storage additional poufs for guest seating when needed, and to help break up the space.

Similarly, console tables can be used along a long hallway to break the space up and provide visual interest to an area of blank space in the home. When a console table has been set up with a mirror or wall art above, and decorative accessories layered on the surface itself, the completed look elevates the area within a space.

Some of Our Favorite Console Tables:

Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Add a natural and organic element to your space with this rustic reclaimed wood console table! We love the simplicity.

Semi-Circular Console Table

This semi-circular metal frame console table is perfect for smaller spaces!

Narrow Console Table

Use a slim console table like this one in smaller areas, or tight entryways!

Drawer Console Table

This sleek black console table features additional drawers, making this ideal for using in living rooms or hallways.


Styling any surface in the home is all about layering.

It’s important to gather a variety of different decorative objects and accessories. We like to use items that are personal to our clients and that also align with their personal style. Gather decorative books, stylish objects, vases of varying sizes, small storage baskets, and any other decorative items that you like. It’s important to have a variety of items that vary in size and shape.

Start with a book or two, and use a decorative item on top to complete the center or one side. You can either arrange items symmetrically or asymmetrically, it depends on the overall look you’re after. Achieve balance on the console table by placing taller items on one side and shorter items on the other.

If you have space below the console surface, you can use storage baskets to complete the look! This also provides a stylish and practical element to the arrangement.

Arched Wall Mirror

Add visual interest to your console table set up with this arched metal framed wall mirror.

"He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" Artwork

Use a large piece of wall art above your console table to create a stylish look.

Beaded Wall Mirror

A beaded wall mirror adds an element of elegance and sophistication to a console table area. We love this one!

Framed Watercolor Wall Art

This colorful watercolor wall art is ideal for injecting color and visual interest to the wall above any console table.

Use Different Items

The most important aspect of styling a console table is to use different items that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical too. This helps to create a balanced look overall and a functional area within the home.

Here are some items to consider for your console table:

  • Table lamp
  • Vases
  • Planters
  • Decorative books
  • Small bowls
  • Trinket trays/bowls

Use a large wall mirror or artwork above, and an ottoman, stool or basket below if the space allows.

Handcrafted Ceramic Vases

This collection of handmade ceramic vases add an authentic and organic look to any console table.

Sputnik Brass Object

We love this sputnik brass object as it adds a playful yet stylish element to any styling arrangement!

Faux Coral Decorative Object

Use a piece of decorative coral to finish off a stack of books on a console table.

Quartz Stone Catchall

A catchall tray is a must-have for any console table! Especially if it’s near the entrance to a home.

Personalize Your Space

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