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The entryway to your home is a chance to make a good first impression. While it may be tempting to make it entirely visually pleasing, having practical items can make all the difference to how you use the space too. But how can you strike the perfect balance?

In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on Entry Table Accessories so you can create the perfect entryway that is aesthetically pleasing, and practical too!

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How to Recognize Entry Table Accessories

An entryway table will look different for each household because everyone’s routines and habits are different. This is perfectly normal! It’s about finding an entryway table layout that works for you, and that looks stylish at the same time. 

When you come home, do you need somewhere to store your keys? Do you need to keep gloves and scarves stored out of sight but somewhere accessible? Or do you simply want to create a stylish looking entryway area? The answers to these questions should inform what is right for you personally, to include on an entry table.

Entry table accessories refer to the items that are placed on the entry table. This could be a combination of many different types of objects and storage vessels, while in other homes it will be purely practical only with a table lamp and tray.

Entry Table Fun Facts:

Typically the entryway table is a console table, which first originated in France during the 17th Century. Back then it was more of an ornate piece of furniture that included sophisticated details. Some parts of the early console tables were developed in Italy too. During this time, the console table was slightly different than what we know them to be today. Instead of being a four-legged piece of furniture, it actually had two legs and was attached to the wall.

While console tables have evolved into four legged slim tables, they can be used throughout the home. Typically this will be to utilize smaller spaces for extra storage and to show off your personal style.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Table lamp
  • Vase with fresh flowers
  • Decorative accessories (like sculptural pieces)
  • Storage baskets
  • Catchall trays
  • Decorative books

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Scandinavian Design

Black Marble Tray

Use a tray to organize decorative accessories on your entryway table, or use to store keys.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Decorative Books (Set of 5)

This set of 5 decorative books are ideal for adding on an entryway table to quick style the surface.

Scandinavian Design

Wood Knot Sculpture

Sculptural decorative objects are perfect for adding on top of decorative books to complete the look.

Scandinavian Design

Terracotta Vase

This large terracotta vase adds texture and warmth to any entryway table!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Ceramic Table Lamp

A textured table lamp adds visual interest to any entryway table.

Scandinavian Design

White Washed Textured Ceramic Vase

A textured ceramic vase adds a rustic element to entryway table styling.

Scandinavian Design

Black Teak Decorative Bowl

Add a dark element to your entryway to create visual interest and contrast between items. We love this black teak bowl!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Braided Storage Basket

With faux leather handles, this large braided storage basket is perfect for using underneath an entry table to store extra items!

Scandinavian Design

Modern Geometric Table Lamp

This modern table lamp is perfect for adding elegance to your entryway.

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