We love this ! It provides a perfect starting point from which to build your entryway styling upon.

Now that spring is here, it’s time to switch over our entryways to be both functional and beautiful for the warmer weather. As the first area of the home you and guests use, functionality is super important throughout the year but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style!

From practical storage solutions, to furniture and accessories, there is a lot to consider when it comes to designing and styling an entryway. Styling your entryway with functional accessories is ideal for both small and large spaces!

In this blog post, I’ve compiled my top ideas for styling your entryway! Let’s take a look!


Shoe Storage


First things first – you’ll need to provide somewhere for shoes to be stored! Whether it’s rain boots in the winter or sandals for the summer, having a dedicated space for shoes helps to keep them all contained and out of sight.

My favorite way to store shoes in the entryway is within a storage chest, integrated storage as part of a built-in or freestanding entryway stand or shoe racks. You could even use large storage baskets!


Keeping shoes out of sight can be a difficult task, especially for busy families! Why not source a large storage trunk to store them in? Shoe racks and low-level cabinets are good alternatives too.


Coats and Other Clothing Storage

A like this one will never go out of style! Ideal for using in minimalistic homes.


Aside from shoes, you should provide somewhere for people to hang their coats and store umbrellas (without any unwanted spillages of course!) A coat tree or rack is of course a classic solution for this, but there are some alternative ideas and more creative options!

There are lots of fun and creative coat hook options that bring a sense of personality to your entryway. Choose something that reflects your personality or interests to create a personal area to hang coats and jackets. 

Alternatively, you can find “all-in-one” wall-mounted hooks that double up with a mirror and shelf.



If your entryway space is moderately sized, adding some furniture like a console table or sideboard can help to frame an area that is designated for decorative styling and getting ready before leaving the house.

For those with small entryways or slim spaces, there are lots of slim-line console tables that will provide the same concept. These are great for adding poufs or storage baskets beneath too.


Depending on the space you have available in your entryway, console tables are great for adding decorative accessories too, but also for adding poufs or baskets underneath as well.



We love pieces of furniture that double up with multiple uses! This provides storage for your shoes!


The entryway is typically a space for guests and members of your family to put on and remove shoes. Providing somewhere to sit down and do this helps to make the space functional and stylish at the same time.

This seating could be a bench, an accent chair, stools, or poufs! It all depends on your interior design style, the space you have available, and the type of comfort you want to provide. All of these seating ideas are opportunities to introduce pattern, color, or texture into your home too!


A simple bench could be all you need in your entryway to provide people with somewhere to sit when putting on or removing shoes. Accessorize around this on the wall above (mirrors and coat hooks), underneath (baskets), and on top with pillows.



Fancy a mirror with a shelf and hooks integrated? This is for you! Ideal for all entryways!

Adding a mirror to your entryway is a must-have! They are excellent for last-minute checks before leaving the house, but also add to the overall design and accessorizing of your entryway too.

For small spaces, consider using a wall-mounted mirror to save space, or for larger interiors, you could consider a floor mounted or much larger wall mounted mirror to really make an impact.



No space in the home is complete without some greenery! Adding plants into your home helps to improve the air quality throughout while simultaneously providing extra decor.

In your entryway, large indoor trees look fantastic if you have the space available, or a simple potted plant on a console table will also have the same effect. If you plan on having multiple plants in your entryway, make sure they are different sizes to create a variety in heights.


Indoor plants improve the air quality and provide color to the home! Overall they are a win-win solution. Use multiple plants at different heights to create visual interest.


How have you styled your entryway? Is it a practical space for everyone to use? What kind of styling have you used? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!