Interior Design for Introverts


Are you – or someone else in your family – more on the introverted side? Or perhaps you prefer to spend time with smaller groups of people, than larger ones. Being introverted means you are on the shyer side and find socializing in large groups draining. And that’s okay! 

This has got me thinking. How can we create spaces specifically for introverts? What can we do to give introverted people a calming space for just them?

Creating a safe space for each of us is really important as it gives us a sanctuary to completely relax and unwind. Introverts especially like to enjoy their own space and being left alone with a door closed.

In this article, I explore the idea of creating a space specifically for introverts! And explain more about what that space could look like in order to soothe and comfort those of us that are on the shyer side.

Let’s explore some ideas!

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Creating A Sanctuary

It’s important that an introvert has a space to get away and retreat to. 

This may be difficult to create if your home is on the smaller side, but even just a corner area that can be made into a cozy and welcoming space for them is much better than nothing! If you have an open plan space, it should be carefully considered. Open concept spaces may make an introvert feel overwhelmed, especially if there are multiple people in the household.

If you are an introvert yourself, consider what type of furniture will make you feel comfortable, cozy, and safe. Is this a deep sofa? Or a large accent chair that you can sink into? Perhaps it only needs to be a corner that has floor pillows laid out to create a fun and comfortable space. Find what works for you.

Interior design is incredibly personal to those who are using the space. And for introverts, it’s important that the area is comfortable, cozy, and aligns with their favorite activities to do alone. Introverts love independence and spending time alone, so it’s about creating a space that works for them and their interests.

Decor Ideas

Not sure how to accessorize a space for an introvert? Here are some ideas!


Candles and home fragrance

Add scented candles, and an electrical essential oils diffuser, so they can choose a relaxing and restorative scent to suit their mood and activity.


Throw pillows

An essential set of accessories for an introvert are throw pillows! Choose super soft materials, like cotton or velvet, to inject some color, texture, and softness to the space.


Small bookcase or storage cabinet

It may be helpful to add a small bookcase, shelves, or cabinet in order to store books, journals, and other activities when not in use.

Cashmere and Jasmine Scented Candle

Scented candles are a great way to set the tone and atmosphere for a space. This cashmere and jasmine scent will instantly created a relaxed environment.

Oil Diffuser

If candles aren’t your thing, then an oil diffuser is a great alternative! Simply add your favorite scent and turn on when needed.

Organic Cotton Pillow

Add a soft cotton throw pillow to your space to create a cozy area to sit. Neutral pillows are great because they will complement any other color in the room!

Rattan Wrap Cabinet

A small storage cabinet like this one is ideal for using in a space for introverts because it provides them with somewhere to store their favorite activities or hobbies.

Color Palette

It’s a good idea to choose paint colors and a general color scheme for the area that will promote rest, recharge, and reflection.

Many people believe that dark blue is the most relaxing color. And that is due to the fact that blue is associated with calm and relaxation – it has even been shown to relax the mind! Which makes it the perfect color choice for an introvert’s space.

Purple and green are also great colors to use to promote a calming atmosphere.

Keeping the color scheme simple for an introvert’s space will have a more positive effect than trying to use lots of different or bright colors. Choose pale or soft hues of calming colors to create a truly relaxing environment.


Another thing to work through is the lighting for the space. 

Low lighting will create a warm, inviting, and comforting space for any introvert. It is best to avoid bright lights as this can be overwhelming and overstimulating!

Choose floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces, or even string lights to create a nostalgic area. Floor and table lamps are great for providing accent lighting to set an intimate mood in the evenings.

Rock Finish Ceramic Table Lamp

Add a neutral table lamp to the space to provide soft ambient lighting.

Ceramic Table Lamp

Inject some color into the space with this ceramic table lamp!

Drinks Table Floor Lamp

This floor lamp features a small drinks table attached, making it perfect for adding to an introvert’s space!

Bronze Floor Lamp

A classic floor lamp will complement any space while providing a soft and cozy light.

Above all, remember that the space should be calming, relaxing and a sanctuary for the introvert in your life. Do what you can with the space you have available and make it personal to them where you can.

Personalize Your Space

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