Last week, we looked at our favorite interior splurges and discussed what is worth spending that little bit extra on. Today though we’re going to look at those items that we can save on! Having a balance between expensive and more cost-effective items throughout the home helps to keep the overall costs down but also achieve good quality design where it is needed most. 

Consider saving on your side tables… This C-shape end table is really handy and extremely cost-effective.

Interior design is generally a balancing act between expensive items and less expensive ones too. Statement pieces and items we use regularly are often those we can spend more on, and more basic items are where we can save to balance the budget out.

This year especially, many of us have had to examine our finances and save anywhere possible. It’s led us to decluttering, clearing out our wardrobes multiple times, and upcycling.

Let’s take a closer look at areas and items you can save on at home.




You may be surprised to see furniture as a section for this blog post! But there really are some furniture pieces that you can save on.

Accent furniture that is rarely used are great items to save on or to choose value versions. As they are used the least, they can be compromised in favor of a smaller price tag, especially if they are placed as filler pieces, not as the main attraction in a space. 

It is also worth considering the furniture choices for kids’ bedrooms carefully too. As our children grow up, their needs and interests can change just as quickly. For this reason, the furniture for their rooms can be saved on too until they reach a much older age. 

Save money on furniture items you rarely use… This could be stools, poufs, side tables, and even lighting!



Another simply designed side table that won’t break the bank!


A great place to start is with lighting. Of course – you should keep any statement pieces, perhaps your entryway ceiling light, chandeliers, and pendants – these are all big investment pieces where spending more is actually recommended.

However, there are some ways you can save on your other lighting fixtures! With basic ceiling mounted lighting, you can use more cost effective fixtures.  

For everyday table and floor lamps, there are some fantastic cheaper buys from shops like Amazon, Target, and Wayfair. Although they aren’t a specific designer brand, there are some beautiful items on these websites that look great for a fraction of the price from more expensive stores. 

As part of dressing entryways or feature console tables, you may want to consider more intricately designed or expensive table lamps as they form statement areas of the home.

You can save greatly on other lighting fixtures such as under cabinet lighting and lighting for ancillary spaces that are used infrequently. Garage lighting, closet lighting, storage space lighting are all areas that are easy to value engineer. Caution: Don’t cheap out on bathroom lighting.

Seasonal decor pieces such as front door wreaths are great items to save on. Just remember to purchase a style that you can choose each year!


Seasonal Decor


Another great area to save on is seasonal decor. Relating to some of the points we have already explored in this post, as seasonal decor is just that – seasonal – it’s a good area to be more cost-conscious and save. 

As these accessories or decorations only come out once or twice a year, this is a great reason to shop at the lower end of the market and save money on them. It’s also worth noting that these decor pieces can be stored away every year, ready for the next so they get a good amount of use.

Seasonal decor is great to save on because they are only temporarily displayed in your home and can be stored away until the following year! This makes these pieces ideal to save on.

We hope this post has provided you with some helpful ideas on where you can save on your next interior design purchases! And don’t forget to check out our favorite interior splurges too. Where have you saved on your interiors recently? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!