Outdoor Lighting Design

Many homeowners are looking to create a beautiful outdoor living space that they can enjoy during the warmer weather, right through the day, and into the evenings. One of the best ways to be able to enjoy your outdoor space during the evening is to have good outdoor lighting set up! In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on how you can create an Outdoor Lighting design that enables you to enjoy warm summer evenings!

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How to Recognize Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can encompass many different types of lighting. There are lots of options on the market that can often confuse homeowners, but this does give you the flexibility to create a fantastically lit outdoor space! Typically you will find outdoor lanterns, string lights of varying sizes and styles, tiki lights, and even solar and battery options! Whether you need to light your paths better, improve your patio lighting or set up your outdoor lounging area with intimate lighting – there’s something for everyone.

Fun Facts:

Outdoor living has evolved massively over the last 100 years. In fact – the backyard itself dates way back to AD 43! Back then the furniture was very basic, usually only consisting of an uncomfortable stone or wooden bench in the Roman and Greek eras. According to many sources, the oldest surviving examples of outdoor furniture were found in the ancient gardens of Pompeii in Italy. Even then though, having an outdoor space, let alone furniture for them, was considered a place of luxury to relax.

It’s no surprise then that outdoor lighting is a relatively modern concept that has only really become accessible for everyone in the last 40 or so years.

Today, with the increased awareness of the environment, there are more outdoor lighting options on the market that are either battery operated or solar-powered! Use a mixture of different outdoor lighting pieces to create a comprehensive lighting scheme.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Solar powered outdoor lights
  • String lights
  • Lanterns
  • Battery operated lights   

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Modern Black Landscape Path Kit

Light up your pathways with these super sleek and modern path lights!

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Outdoor Tiki Torches

These tiki torches are a fun and durable way of adding extra lighting to your outdoor spaces. Along a path or surrounding your patio! It’s up to you.

Scandinavian Design

Solar Wall Lanterns

Use these solar powered wall lanterns for your front porch or patio area! With added motion sensor you’ll never be left in the dark.

Scandinavian Design

Outdoor Waterproof Candles

Outdoor battery operated candles are a must-have! Especially if you have lanterns – these candles are fantastic for using in them.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Modern Outdoor Lanterns

No outdoor space is complete without some lanterns! These black lanterns are super modern that will work with any outoor lounging style.

Scandinavian Design

Marrakesh Metal Solar String Lights

Bring a decorative touch to your outdoor lighting with these metal solar string lights! Perfect for hanging between trees or around your patio area.

Scandinavian Design

Edison Bulb String Lights

The Edison bulb is a classic exposed bulb and we love these outdoor string lights!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Solar Pathway Lights

Add solar pathway lights to the perimeter of your paths or patio area!

Scandinavian Design

Rock LED Landscape Kit

Add some LED rocks to your flower beds to illuminate your greenery!

Personalize Your Space

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