Have you been noticing the evenings drawing in earlier, and the darker mornings yet? The seasons are starting to shift, and Fall is almost upon us. The transition from Summer into Fall is one of my favorites! Watching the leaves change color, and the temperature become cooler, it’s a refreshing change that always makes me want to spend more time at home with family.

With this shift in seasons, it’s a great idea to think about what sort of decorative shifts can be made in the home too! Halloween and Thanksgiving are only around the corner now so it’s the perfect time to bring some of the Fall colors into our homes and embrace the start of Fall and Winter months.

I love to create a cozier home for the Fall and Winter months so it feels warmer for all the family to enjoy, which is why I want to share my Top 5 Ways to Create a Cozy Home!

This article focuses on simple yet effective ways to make your home feel cozier for the cooler months. Let’s explore the Top 5 Ways to Create a Cozy Home!

Sherwin Williams Forever Green paint color

1. Textures


One of the easiest ways to make your home feel cozy is to incorporate lots of different textures and textiles. Layering different textures throughout your home will help to create a warm feeling.

In the living room use an area rug as the base layer to a furniture arrangement, and use throw blankets and decorative pillows to mix and match different textures. Consider using faux sherpa or fur as a touch of luxuriousness, and layer this with knit, linen, or velvet decorative pillows to enhance comfort and coziness to the space!

You can use a similar approach in a bedroom by layering bedding with quilts, throw blankets, and decorative pillows. Remember to use different textures where possible to enhance comfort and coziness.

Double Knit Throw

Use a chunky knit throw blanket like this one to add an extra layer of texture into your home!

Faux Chinchilla Throw

Faux fur throw blankets help to create a cozy looking and feeling living room. We love this one!

Linen Throw Pillow

Finalize your bedroom or living room with a linen decorative pillow! Perfect for adding a soft texture into the space.

Velvet Throw Pillow

Velvet is a luxurious texture that further enhances the coziness of a space! This one is ideal for using throughout the home.

2. Warm Colors


Colors are underrated when it comes to creating a specific feeling within a space. As an interior designer, I regularly use color psychology in my projects to ensure the color palette will be suitable for my client and their home.

Use the colors of Fall and Thanksgiving to your advantage and create a cozy home with them! This includes: browns, deep oranges, and rich reds, which can all help to create a cozy and warm feeling home. These colors have warm undertones and fall into the warm end of the spectrum, so when they’re used within a space you will feel a warm and cozy feeling!

This brings us perfectly to the next section…

3. Incorporate Wood


Wood accents also help to create warmth within the home, in a similar way to colors! Wood tones bring a natural texture and sense of coziness to any space.

Consider using wood for shelving, furniture, cabinets, accent walls, fireplace mantels – almost anywhere! This paired with the warm colors from the previous section above, is a fail-safe route to creating a cozy home.

4. Window Treatments


Many of my clients have been amazed at what a huge difference window treatments make to their space. Not only from the point of view of dressing their window, but in how the space actually feels too! Whether it’s a roman blind in a kitchen or bathroom, or a set of layered curtains, window treatments make a huge difference to how a space feels.

Using window treatments adds another layer in the room, and helps to absorb more sound. This absorption of sound is what helps to make a space feel cozy and warm. 

We particularly like using heavy curtains to create a cozy home! These would be ideal in a living room or bedroom, where blocking natural light is more of a priority.

Velvet Blackout Curtain

Use a blackout curtain in your bedroom or living room to block natural light from coming through. This velvet curtain is heavy and cozy!

Natural Roman Shades

Layer your window treatments with this natural woven shade! Ideal for using in kitchens and bathrooms.

Cotton Velvet Curtain

This cotton velvet curtain is both luxurious and super soft to the touch. Ideal for dressing any window!

Linen Roman Shade

Another great window option is this linen roman shade! It’s luxurious and adds to the coziness of any home.

5. Lighting


I have mentioned it countless times in my previous articles and Instagram posts – lighting plays such an important role in any home, and more specifically in creating a cozy atmosphere. Lighting is a vital part of performing almost any task at home, and it has the power to set the mood too.

To create a cozy atmosphere at home, it’s important to be using the right color temperatures for your light bulbs. I’d recommend using a warm white bulb, which equates to 2,500K – 3,000K. Anything above 3,500K will start to feel cold and blue during the evening. 

Aside from your light bulbs, make sure you have lots of different types of lights in your space so you have the flexibility of creating a different atmosphere. During the evening, for example, your living room may have a floor lamp on, and a few table lamps to create a soft, and cozy atmosphere.

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