Trend Alert: Stained Interior Doors

Are you considering repainting your interior doors? You may want to consider Stained Interior Doors instead! These are taking the interior design world by storm right now because they create a truly unique appearance to any home. This Trend Alert focuses on Stained Interior Doors and we share our top tips and ideas on how to use them successfully in your own home. Let’s take a closer look!

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Why we love it!

Stained interior doors are a fantastic way of injecting character throughout a home. Whether you prefer a neutral and paired back look or want to make a statement, stained interior doors are ideal for both. There are many different wood stains on the market, meaning you can achieve almost any look!

How to use them:

Adding stained interior doors to your home couldn’t be easier! Simply prepare each interior door needed, remove the old doors, and install the new ones!

If you already have wooden interior doors in your home, it will be a case of refinishing them with a new wood stain. The power of a wood stain has been totally underestimated in recent years, but a different stain finish to internal doors can completely change the entire look and feel of the home.

What to watch for with stained interior doors

There are some considerations to take into account when considering stained interior doors in your home…

As there are so many different stains on the market, it’s important to test them out first to ensure they are right for your space. A stain that looks great on a tester in the hardware store may look different when applied on your wooden doors. This is because different types of wood react differently to stains when they are applied.

It’s also important to remember that stained interior doors will require maintenance every few years or so to ensure the finish is kept in tip-top condition. If you prefer not to get too involved with DIY then it may be worth considering a different option for your interior doors, like a painted finish.

Also, if you prefer not to see the natural grain of the wood doors through the stain then it may not be the best option for you!

Ways to make stained interior doors last in your home

Stained interior doors can last a lifetime in your home!

The key to ensuring your stained doors last in your home is to consider sealing them after the stain has been applied. While it is not a requirement, sealing stained wood can help to protect the wood itself and to give it a polished finish. If you’d prefer a more matt or flat finish to the door, then it will be worth doing some research into wood sealers that have this particular final finish to it. We especially love matte polyurethanes. 

If you prefer a neutral home then a lighter stain will be ideal! This will help to keep your doors looking fresh yet in-keeping with the rest of the home’s decor.

Alternatively, make a bold statement by using a dark wood stain for the doors and embrace the beauty of the wood grain showing through. This is ideal for larger homes, or those with a distinctive design style like industrial or cabin-style!

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