Warm Weather Dining


As the warmer weather starts to take hold on a more regular basis I love to set up our outdoor patio for enjoying meals outdoors. There is nothing better than waking up and enjoying breakfast with the rising sun each morning.

This alfresco dining becomes irresistible for many of us. It really is a joy to eat a delicious meal while soaking up that all important vitamin D!

It’s also the time to get family and friends over to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s a pizza night with the outdoor pizza oven in full force, or a more casual barbeque lunch, everyone loves to spend time outside enjoying their favorite foods.

The design of your outdoor dining area plays a crucial role in the success and overall enjoyment of eating outdoors during the warmer months. With a well thought out outdoor dining area, you can easily set the mood and provide comfort for guests.

In this article we’re going to explore the various ways you can create an outdoor dining space with Warm Weather Dining in mind. It’s time to clean up your outdoor furniture and get ready to transform your outdoor space for soaking up all that summer has to offer!

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Define The Area

It’s important to choose a nice sunny spot outdoors that is close to the main house. This will enable you to take full advantage of the outdoor dining area when the weather is warm outside, as it will be within close proximity of the house itself. Ideally your outdoor dining area will be on an existing patio or deck, but it’s relatively straightforward to have one added into your backyard if needed.

Defining your outdoor dining area with a patio area helps to keep all the outdoor furniture together so you can design it just like an indoor space! We love to use outdoor area rugs to further define outdoor living or dining spaces, while also injecting color and pattern.

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Ivory Outdoor Rug

Add a natural colored outdoor rug to your patio or decking to define your outdoor dining area!

Geometric Outdoor Rug

Do you love using colors and patterns in your home? Add a fun geometric outdoor rug to your outdoor space.

Desert Outdoor Rug

A subtle neutral colored pattern outdoor rug adds color and visual interest while defining your outdoor dining area.

Geometric Outdoor Rug

This outdoor area rug is perfect for adding color and interest to your outdoor space!

Flexible Shade

In order for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer months, having flexible shady areas is key. While you may love soaking up the hot summer sun, your parents or children may require shade to enjoy the outdoors properly. Providing flexibility for guests – and your own family! – goes a long way to creating a warm weather dining experience.

Creating shade in your backyard can be a result of many different things. From purpose-built pergolas, large sail shades, to moveable and flexible cantilever umbrellas, or traditional outdoor umbrellas – there’s something for every budget and style!

Square Cantilever Umbrella

A cantilever outdoor umbrella adds so much flexibility to an outdoor space!

Scallop Edge Outdoor Umbrella

Add a boujee touch to your outdoor space and use this stylish scallop edge outdoor umbrella!

10' Cantilever Umbrella

This is another great cantilever outdoor umbrella option for those that love a modern look.

Rectangular Outdoor Umbrella

A classic form of flexible shade is a rectangular umbrella that can be easily manoeuvred around the outdoor space. 

Furniture Ideas

Once you have decided on the perfect spot for your outdoor dining space, it’s time to explore some furniture options!

Do you prefer simple outdoor furniture, or more substantial designs with extra cushioning and comfort? For simple and smaller spaces, consider using bistro tables and matching chairs. But for larger outdoor dining areas, choose a large dining table that is in proportion with your patio, decking, or outdoor rug and pair it with matching chairs. If you have kids in the family, an outdoor bench is a fun option!

Wicker Dining Table and Chairs Set

This outdoor dining table and chairs set is perfect for adding comfort and style into your dining space.

Chunky Leg Dining Table and Wicker Chair Set

We love this outdoor concrete dining table paired with the black wicker dining chairs as it creates a timeless and extremely social outdoor dining set up.

Outdoor Wooden Dining Table and Chair Set

Use a simple wooden set of outdoor dining table and chairs to easily create an inviting dining space.

Round Dining Table and Chair Set

For smaller spaces, use a round dining table and chair set like this one!

Outdoor Lighting

If you’re a regular reader around here, you’ll know that we advocate for good lighting design throughout the home which includes all the outdoor spaces! Getting the lighting right in your backyard can have an incredible effect on your overall experience outdoors.

Adding in pathway lights to illuminate key paths through your outdoor space can help set the foundations for good lighting outdoors. From here, you can add string lights to add a soft illumination to your pergola or shaded area, and other decorative outdoor lighting! 

Did you know that outdoor table lamps are now available?! How cool is that! You can actually create a space outdoors that is reminiscent of your indoor spaces too.

We also love to use outdoor lanterns, with either real candles, solar powered, or battery-operated ones – the choice is yours.

The more different types of ambient outdoor lighting you can add to your patio or decking, the more intimate and cozy dining space you can create for enjoying those longer summer evenings.

Outdoor LED String Lights

Outdoor string lights are perfect for adding a fun illumination to our outdoor spaces.

Handwoven Outdoor Lanterns

Use outdoor lanterns to add a decorative touch to your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Table Lamp

This outdoor table lamp is perfect for using in our outdoor spaces to add supplementary lighting.

Lit Outdoor Frosted Stones

Use these lit outdoor frosted stones to help illuminate pathways and the perimeter of your outdoor dining area.

Personalize Your Space

Would you like a professional interior designer to pull your space together? Contact us for in person interior design services in the Chicagoland area or virtual interior design services anywhere in the world.