3 Perfect Wall Color and Trim Paint Pairings!


One of the most popular types of questions asked iI get asked is about paint colors! Whether it’s someone asking for paint color recommendations for their kitchen cabinets, living room walls, or switching up their guest room, paint color ideas and advice is a hot topic right now.

If you take these paint color questions even further, many homeowners get stuck on what color to use for their trim. Should it be the same or different from the wall color?

This has got me thinking, is there a way for me to make these decisions easier for homeowners? While I don’t have a concrete way of helping you choose, this blog post will definitely help!

I’m going to share with you my top 3 neutral wall colors and trim paint pairings! So you don’t need to spend hours deciding on which color is right for your space. Let’s get into it!

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The Truth About Trim Colors

The classic way to decorate any home is to choose a trim color that is the same color or a lighter shade than the wall color. This is so the walls feel like they are receding and therefore the room feels bigger. 

However, as homeowners are more creative and open to different ideas, there are some alternative routes to consider if you prefer something totally different! These include painting the trim in a darker or contrasting color than the walls or isolating specific trim work for darker colors (like windows for example). If you want to highlight a specific feature then painting the trim darker than the walls is one way of doing this.

This blog post focuses on neutral paint color pairings.

Warm Neutral

A warm neutral paint color will have more blue undertones to it. Think creams, beige and warm grays – these colors are all warm.

The perfect warm neutral trim paint color – Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008. This is a warm neutral paint color that is almost off-white. Perfect for using on trim work.

Pair Sherwin Williams Alabaster with Dover White, Agreeable Gray, or Urbane Bronze!

Paint Colors from Left to Right:

Sherwin Williams Alabaster, SW 7008 – a warm neutral, almost an off-white, your trim paint color!

Sherwin Williams Dover White, SW 6385 – a creamy white

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, SW 7029 – a warm greige color

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze, SW 7048 – a warm deep gray

Cool Neutral

Cooler paint colors have blue undertones which make them appear cooler. Lots of gray paint colors and whites can look cool because of the undertones within the color.

The perfect cool trim paint color – Sherwin Williams Snowbound SW 7004. This paint color is a light cool white. Use on the trim work for a true white look.

Pair Sherwin Williams Snowbound with Passive, Classic French Gray, or Peppercorn!

Paint Colors from Left to Right:

Sherwin Williams Snowbound, SW 7004 – a light cool white with hints of greige. Your perfect trim paint color!

Sherwin Williams Passive, SW 7064 – a cool gray paint color

Sherwin Williams Classic French Gray, SW 0077 – a neutral cool gray

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn, SW 7674 – dark cool gray

Our Favorite Combination

When I design spaces for my clients, the paint color is the last thing I choose! Why? Because until you know what the sofa fabric is, the ottoman, and other furniture fabrics and colors, you don’t know whether you need to add more warmth or cool the scheme down through the paint color.

No matter what the situation though, Sherwin Williams Pure White is our favorite trim paint color! You can pair this with a warm or cool main wall paint color and know that the trim will emphasize the choice.

Use Pure White with Dorian Gray,  Agreeable Gray, and Urbane Bronze to complete the color palette!

Paint Colors from Left to Right:

Sherwin Williams Pure White, SW 7005 – neutral, neither warm or cool, perfect for using throughout the home on trim work or ceilings

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray, SW 7017 – a medium-toned gray

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, SW 7029 – a warm greige color

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze, SW 7048 – a warm deep gray

So there you have it! My top 3 trim paint colors and which paints to pair with them for the walls! Have you used any of these color combinations in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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