5 Things To Know About Custom Window Treatments


We have been working on tons of fun projects here at Innovatus Design HQ! Ranging from family homes, new construction, and even vacation homes for our long-term clients. Every person we work with has their own unique personality and sense of style that we infuse into the designs, and one common element to each project is window treatments!

Window treatments contribute to a space in huge ways. From injecting color, texture, pattern, light filtering options – you name it – window treatments play a huge part in any interior.

Some spaces may even have difficult window shapes or extra large dimensions that store bought drapes simply won’t work with, and therefore custom window treatments are the solution. You can customize them to your exact preference!

We love using custom window treatments in our interior design projects because they allow us to have full creative control on how they influence a design and the space.

Have you ever wondered what key information you should know about custom window treatments before working with a designer or maker? Today we’re going to dive into 5 Things To Know About Custom Window Treatments and share why we love using them so much!

Let’s dive in!

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1. Window Treatments Add Depth and Sophistication to a Space

Custom window treatments have the power to contribute greatly to any space, and one key element of this is that they add depth and sophistication. I love how they can completely elevate a space, and they are a total joy to design!

I mentioned before how they can add texture, color, and pattern, which allows us to infuse our client’s personalities into the space too! And that in turn adds a layer of sophistication.

The way custom window treatments can add depth and sophistication is through the ability to add detailing that reflects the overall design of the space. This could be edge bandings, shades with borders or even an upholstered cornice paired with a neutral shade. The sky really is the limit with custom window treatments! And they help to tie a room design together.

2. Window Treatments Can Help to Control the Temperature in a Space

With custom window treatments you can choose not only the main fabric and edging details, but the lining too. This means that you can choose a light filtering lining that can control the heat coming in, while allowing light to seep through into the space. 

Window treatments in general are insulating as they keep the cold air out, and keep warmth inside the space, making them fantastic during the winter months! You can then open the drapes to allow for natural air and breeze into the space too.

Solar shades control heat by preventing UV rays to shine through into the home, while still allowing you to see a view outdoors. These are ideal for using throughout the summer or in naturally warmer states!

3. Window Treatments Can Make Windows Look Larger

Window treatments can make any window look larger than it really is! By mounting the window treatments higher and wider than the window, we can create the illusion of a larger window.

We regularly do this in our clients’ homes because they help to make the window wall look fuller too. In these project examples, we have used drapery panels that are taller and much wider than the window itself to create the fuller look. This also enables our client’s to push back the curtains to reveal the full window width during the daytime to let in the maximum amount of natural daylight.

4. Flexible Options Available

One of the greatest reasons to use custom window treatments is the amount of options available. You can create almost any look you want to any size!

Often people think of one or two different types of window treatments when thinking of custom options, but there are actually hundreds of different combinations that we have up our sleeves to create the perfect look for any space. Even shades are available in various types now!

From thousands of fabric and material options to suit any taste and style, there are also lots of different types of window treatments to consider too. Shades, blinds, drapery, stationary panels, operable panels, cornices, valances – these are just the basic types!

We can also customize how the window treatments are installed, which adds to the flexibility. Anything is possible, and we can create dynamic spaces as a result! If you are considering custom window treatments for your home – contact us today!

5. Custom Window Treatments Are Durable

Perhaps one of the best reasons to use custom window treatments in your home, it’s the durability of them.

Study curtain rods are available that won’t bend and are a seamless piece. No extensions needed here! Plus the lining material you select is of top quality, whether it’s blackout or light filtering, there are multiple options available. You can even choose for drapery panels to be weighted!

For shades and blinds, easy to use controls come with long warranties and motorization options are available too.


We love designing custom window treatments for our clients. They have the power to transform a space. Don’t hesitate to reach out so we can make your space come together! We’re here to help!

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