We absolutely love designing nurseries and kids’ rooms here at Innovatus Design! Designing a nursery marks such a beautiful time filled with anticipation and joy. We’ve created the sweetest rooms for kids and are excited to share some tips for your next nursery project.

Crib and Glider

A place to sleep

Everyone has different parenting intentions as far as room sharing, bed-sharing and when the nursery will be used full time by your infant. Most people eventually plan that their baby will be in a room on their own. Cribs are available in many different designs and colors. In this room, we went with a simple white crib that has spindles all around the perimeter. We love this look because of its simplicity and how it can blend with any design aesthetic. The white color is crisp against the creamy walls for a contemporary look.

A place to sit

Caregivers need a comfortable place to rock and snuggle a new baby. Gliders and rockers are available in many different styles. As a twin mom, I highly suggest something super comfortable, but also super cleanable. A fully upholstered glider is great for the nursery for its comfort and because it looks so inviting. We also love that a chair like this can easily be moved into the main living space once it’s not needed in the nursery and most people are none the wiser! If you go with a fully upholstered model, make sure the fabric is easy to clean.

Wardrobe storage

Baby’s wardrobe will rapidly change in the first year as they grow quickly through the different sizes. We love using a combination of hanger dividers and children’s hangers in the closet as well as a dresser that doubles as a changing station. A low dresser that can hold a changing pad on top which will provide double duty so you don’t have to buy another piece of furniture, especially if your space is small. The great thing about a removable changing pad is that once your child is old enough, you can take it off and then have a great dresser left. We also love that you can accessorize the changing station with fun colors and patterns like the yellow mink changing pad cover we selected for this nursery! This is a smart way to invest in pieces that will grow with your family instead of constantly needing to reinvest.

Books and Toys

Wall shelving for books and toys will keep things tidy and provide easy access storage. Floating shelves are great for displaying sentimental items as well. Their first teddy bear, those blocks that were given from a special aunt or that personalized heirloom can be displayed in the baby’s room with ease.


Windows should be covered with a blackout shade if possible. This will be conducive to nap time and evenings in the summer when the sun might still be out. Make sure you elect for a cordless shade to keep your child safe. Long curtains can be used if you don’t anticipate your child being left in the room unattended, but should still have an open weave and the curtain rod should be fixed to the wall in a stud.

We always recommend a layered look on your windows for more sophistication in the design and to help give additional functionality in your window treatments. A sheer curtain over a shade is great for light filtering when blackout isn’t required.


Rugs are a great way to add some color and soften the feeling underfoot. We love this fun rug because of all the personality it interjects into the space. When looking for the perfect rug for your nursery, find something that fills the space so it hides the sound of footsteps. You should also use a rug pad to protect your floor and keep the rug in place. Larger area rugs benefit from thicker pads which will enhance comfort, while smaller rugs benefit from thinner rug pads which will stop the rugs from moving around.

Bonus considerations

When designing your nursery, also be sure to keep the crib at least three feet away from other objects. While it may be hard to believe now, your child will grow and start reaching for things outside their crib. Putting a dresser with a changing table pad next to the crib might seem like a great idea now, but when you walk in one day and find diapers and wipes thrown all over the room, you might be singing a different tune. Your child also shouldn’t be able to reach blankets, curtains or the window shade from their crib.

Do you have any specific questions about nursery design? Drop them in the comments below!