This is perfect for installing above the bed! Adding a Boho feel with pattern and texture. 

Over in my Interior Design Facebook Group, there have been a number of people interested in bedroom design ideas without using a headboard for the bed. This isn’t an uncommon request from clients either! The size of a bedroom may contribute to not having a headboard, or perhaps the budget is an influencer too.

Either way, it is definitely possible to create a fun and stylish bedroom design without a headboard. You just have to get creative! With some other elements instead of a headboard behind the bed.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite design ideas for bedrooms without a headboard for this blog post. Let’s have a look at these ideas in detail!




A lot of people shy away from using pieces of tapestry in their homes. However, these are a fantastic way of introducing some texture, color, and pattern into your spaces. Think of a tapestry piece as an alternative to paintings or wall decor!

For bedrooms without a headboard, using a piece of tapestry hung on the wall above the bed will help to create a curated bedroom design. By installing something above the bed itself you distract the eye away from the fact that there isn’t a headboard and on to the hanging piece instead.

There are lots of different designs, patterns, colors, and textures on the market for tapestry pieces so there will be something for every bedroom design! Choose a piece of tapestry that combines all the colors used in your bedroom to pull them all together. 

This bring bold colors to your bedroom and leads the eye away from the bed and upwards instead! 




A popular choice for bedrooms without a headboard is the use of artwork. You can get creative here! Because there are a few different options you can consider in terms of sizing.

You can either go with a large piece of art above the bed, two pieces of art, or a triptych. Perhaps you like a more random arrangement and therefore a more gallery wall display will be more appropriate.

Similar to the tapestry section above, choose a piece that features the accent color used in your bedroom design to ensure everything flows together.

A large painting above the bed is an ideal piece to use above the bed in bedrooms that don’t have headboards. Use the colors you have in your bedroom as cues to which painting will work for your space.


Wall Designs

Creating a feature wall behind the bed instead of using a headboard is both modern and stylish! These are fantastic for that. 


Aside from items you can hang above the bed, there are some design options you can consider for the whole wall too!

I particularly love installing shiplap paneling to walls behind beds where there won’t be a headboard because it adds interest and texture. Shiplap is also a great material for adding extra durability behind the bed without using a headboard.

Wall paneling and wainscotting are other popular options. You can design a unique wall of paneling for your bedroom which will help to protect the wall behind your bed (similarly to how a headboard does) while adding a feature wall to the room.

If color and texture are your things, use a wall covering for the wall behind your bed instead! This will still create a feature wall and provide a good backdrop for your furniture.

Create a custom gallery wall above the bed that includes a mixture of artwork, wall decor, and mirrors!


Gallery Wall Ideas

This is perfect for using to help build your own custom gallery wall! Use one or two pieces from the set and add other pieces to create a truly unique wall. 


Another super creative way to maximize your bedroom design without a headboard is to curate a gallery wall! This could be a collection of photographs, framed prints, or a mix of both with small wall-mounted decor pieces too.

The best gallery wall designs showcase who you are as a person along with some lifestyle-based items that create a specific atmosphere – calm, relaxing, or energizing.

I recommend drawing a quick mock-up of your wall with the items you intend on hanging above the bed. Play around with the arrangement until you’re happy with it on paper before putting nails in your wall! 


I hope these ideas have inspired you to get creative with your bedroom design! And reassured you that you can create a beautiful bedroom design even without a headboard. Have you got a bedroom without a headboard? I’d love to hear how you designed the room in the comments below!