Benjamin Moore Blue Nova – 2024 Color of the Year


Paint colors are every interior designer’s secret weapon. Colors themselves have the power to alter the feeling and mood of any space so it’s important to consider them carefully for each and every project. Alongside Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore is another large paint color company that we specify for our projects, and they have just released their Color of the Year for 2024!

We have already discussed Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year for 2024, and now it’s time for us to examine Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2024! These are paint colors that have been carefully selected by color experts to reflect hope, creativity and set the trend for interior design for the following 12 months. For 2024, Benjamin Moore has selected “Blue Nova”.

According to Benjamin Moore, Blue Nova “explores the extraordinary” to “elevate the every day and expand horizons through juxtaposed color that is sure to inspire, with Blue Nova leading the way.”

With that said, what is Benjamin Moore Blue Nova?

Benjamin Moore Blue Nova is a captivating blend of blue and violet, reminiscent of the night sky and the awe-inspiring wonder of the cosmos. With a light reflectance value of 16.98, the color sits closer to black (100 is pure white, and 0 being absolute black) so you can be assured of a great depth and richness of color. Blue Nova is neither a light blue, nor a dark rich one, it has more of a dusky feel to it.

Let’s explore more about this beautifully soft blue paint color – Benjamin Moore Blue Nova – their Color of the Year 2024 – in more detail!

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Why We Love Benjamin Moore Blue Nova!

Benjamin Moore Blue Nova is a great soft blue paint color that brings a sense of balance and serenity to any space. Blending warm and cool tones, we love how this soft blue paint color brings the best of each, making it straightforward to balance any space.

Blue Nova is the ideal paint color to bring color into any space. Deeper shades of blue like navy and dark denim are already well known as timeless colors, and Blue Nova is set to join them!

Creating a timeless interior is one of our top priorities for every client, but these always feature an injection of color through accessories and accent walls. We love that this cosmic-inspired color is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2024.

How to Use Blue Nova at Home 

While Benjamin Moore Blue Nova is a blue paint color, it is actually relatively easy to add into your home! It’s very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.

This paint color is perfect for use as accent cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom. You could even use this color on the walls if you prefer to keep your cabinets a more neutral color instead.

For those who love to embrace color and make a bold statement in their home, use Blue Nova as the feature wall paint color and pair it with neutrals for the rest of the space. This will allow you to add color to your home without being too committed (only one wall).

Use Blue Nova with other shades of blue, and neutrals to create a timeless and classic interior! You can also use browns, beige, and yellow to create a fun-filled space.

What to Watch Out for

As with any paint color you choose for your home, there are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using Benjamin Moore Blue Nova!

Benjamin Moore Blue Nova has both cool and warm undertones, which means that the color will be easily influenced by other items and colors used in the space. It’s important to consider the other aspects of the room first before making any paint color changes to the walls. It’s very easy to make this paint color appear cool (thus making the space feel cold) if it’s paired with too many gray colors. Make sure to have a balance!

Accent Color Pairings

Not sure how to use Benjamin Moore Blue Nova or struggling to choose complementary colors? Here are some color palettes I have put together to show you just how versatile this color can be!

What do you think of the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2024? Will you be incorporating this soft blue tone into your home?

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