Chantilly Lace – The Purest White


As an interior designer, paint colors play a big role in tying interior designs and schemes together. And what you may not know unless you are an avid DIY-er is that there are a HUGE range of shades for every color you can think of… White paint colors are a hot topic in my Facebook Interior Design Group right now because the perfect white color can be applied to a whole range of different surfaces. If you’ve been looking for the perfect white paint color that is clean with no warm or cool undertones – I’ve got you covered!

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (BM OC-65) is the cleanest white paint color available. It doesn’t have any warm or cold undertones that many other white paint colors have, so this color is perfect for use on walls, the perfect trim, or the ceiling. Many people use this color as a baseline to compare other white shades against because there are no undertones and can see undertones of other colors when compared side by side.

While Benjamin Moore does have other white paint colors available in their range, Chantilly Lace scores number one in many online publication’s Top 10 White Paint Colors. You may also find my previous post on Benjamin Moore White Dove helpful! 

Let’s explore Chantilly Lace further and discuss how to use it at home and what to watch out for!

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Why We Love It!

At Innovatus Design we love the pureness of the Chantilly Lace paint color! In some projects, there is the need for a pure white paint color… Whether it’s for repainting a loft space or unused basement or storage room, this is a great color to use on all surfaces.

I have previously mentioned how pure this white paint color is and that is definitely why we love using it! As there aren’t any undertones to the color you don’t run the risk of it turning out either too cool or too warm that can influence everything else in the space.

How to Use Chantilly Lace at Home 

Chantilly Lace can be used in a wide range of ways in the home…

This paint color is a great all-over paint color for “back of house” areas, like the garage, loft space, basement, or storage closets. You can use it for the walls, ceiling, and trim details throughout these areas.

For the main spaces of the home though, unless you particularly like the all-white look, then we don’t recommend using this on every surface (walls, ceiling, trim) as it can be too much white. This color is fantastic for using on the ceiling and trims in the main rooms of the home though as this will help to make the wall color pop!

Chantilly Lace is also a great color to use for kitchen cabinets… As there are no undertones to the color it creates brilliant white kitchen cabinets for a truly timeless look. Add some matte black or brushed gold hardware to give it a modern and contemporary style.

I also love using Chantilly Lace for painting shiplap and wainscotting paneling. Similar to using this color on ceilings and trim, the pure white of the paneling helps to make other surfaces in the room stand out.

Another great place to use this color is in North facing rooms… As these rooms don’t get much direct sunlight during the day, Chantilly Lace will help to reflect any light that does shine in around the rest of the room to help it feel brighter.

What to Watch Out for…

Of course, with all paint colors there are some things to be aware of! For Chantilly Lace you should approach painting all surfaces in a space with caution. Unless you love the all-white sleek look, you should avoid painting all surfaces in this color. While this paint color is great for all surfaces, when they are all painted the same color in a space it can be made to look “too white” or “too stark”.

Ways to make this color last in your home…

Making Chantilly Lace last in your home is quite straightforward. With the variety of ways you can use this color (see above sections) there is something for everyone! As this paint color is the purest white out there, there is no doubt about whether it will work in your interior – it is a timeless color that will never go out of style. 

A timeless white paint color will serve you well for many many years! You won’t get tired of seeing this color on your ceiling or trim in your home. Integrate this color into your decorative accessories too so it mixes in with the other colors you have used for your spaces.

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