Finding the perfect off-white color for your home can be a tricky task. Who knew something so seemingly simple could be so hard to get “just right”? Too white and your interior can look stark, and with too much contrast. Or too yellow and it can be too creamy or yellowy – which isn’t a good look either!

I thought it was time to take the mystery out of finding the perfect off-white, so today we’re going to focus on Benjamin Moore’s White Dove paint color! It’s the perfect off-white. I’m going to take you through how to use this color in your home and what other colors we recommend pairing it with too.

White Dove is considered slightly off white in color, but it’s often sought after for kitchen cabinets and trim throughout a home. As trends have begun to change, I’ve also seen many clients want to paint their walls in Benjamin Moore White Dove as well! Is that the right move? 


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How to Use White Dove at Home…

I’ve mentioned a few areas where White Dove works well throughout the home already, but there are some more areas and considerations to be aware of.

While some homeowners have been experimenting with matching the trim color with the walls, I always recommend to clients that they should coordinate instead, and not match. This is to create an elegant contrast between the two surfaces. After all, the wall is a matte finish and woodwork tends to have more of a shine. Creating even just a subtle contrast between the wall and trim through the colors chosen helps to emphasize this difference in texture. The slight sheen applied to trim work also aids in cleanability. 

I recommend only using the White Dove paint color on walls if there is a LOT of natural light coming into the space. Think tall and wide windows or a south-facing room. Without this natural lighting, it will feel like a builder-grade interior.

Aside from using White Dove on walls in naturally bright interiors, it is a fantastic color choice for kitchen cabinets or other furniture you plan to up-cycle with a fresh coat of paint. The color has a beautiful creamy feel to it that is sophisticated, but crisp. Make these cabinets stand out with gorgeous brass or bronze hardware to make a real statement.

White Dove Pairs Well With…

White Dove pairs well with cooler colors like Benjamin Moore Rhine River or Benjamin Moore Summer Nights. 

Use White Dove as the trim and woodwork paint color and either of these blues for the main wall surface. This will create a contrast between the colors used and showcase a beautiful space!

Rhine River and Summer Nights are great blue paint colors that look beautiful as allover paint or used for feature walls in the living and dining rooms or bedrooms… Be bold and brave by using these colors in your kitchen or bathroom too!

If you want to warm things up a bit, then check out Benjamin Moore Pearly Gates or Benjamin Moore Fresh Clay. With their red undertones these colors help to create a warm and cozy space.

Similarly to the blue colors above, Fresh Clay makes a gorgeous feature wall in any room of the home. Pair this with other creams, beige and brown tones to really feel the benefits of such a warm paint color.

With all the above suggested paint colors, they can be used as allover paint or to create a feature wall within living spaces. Either way, always make sure the tone of colors you use compliments the rest of your home so all spaces feel cohesive with each other. If your home is predominantly gray with a few pops of color, then Rhine River and Summer Nights alongside White Dove should be your go to.

Renovated kitchen in Downers Grove Illinois

So there you have it! Our favorite off-white paint color and how to use it effectively at home. What do you think about Benjamin Moore’s White Dove paint color? Would you use this at home? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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We love this set of two cream velvet pillows! The balls add a quirky and boho vibe.

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Linen Curtains

Adding texture to your interior couldn’t be easier… These linen curtains are perfect for doing just that and keeping to the White Dove color scheme.

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Basket Weave Pillows

We love the interesting basket weave used for these pillows! They add a different type of texture to living spaces.

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Knitted Throw Blanket

This throw blanket is perfect for any living room or bedroom that needs something warm and cozy.

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Chevron Pattern Pillows

Every interior should have some pattern added, even if just through decorative pillows like this set of chevron pillows.

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Set of 3 Ceramic Vases

Adding decorative vases to your space helps to add texture and color (through faux flowers). This set is great for keeping in-line with the White Dove scheme!

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