Edgecomb Gray – A Timeless Neutral


A popular request from clients recently has been to find the perfect warm gray paint color to use throughout open-plan living spaces right through to hallways and foyers. The perfect neutral gray that can be used throughout the home as a good base for an interior scheme. Just like finding the perfect off-white which we discussed previously here, pinpointing the perfect warm gray can be just as tricky.

I’ve got you covered! Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray (HC-173) is a gorgeous warm gray that can easily be used throughout the home. It’s many interior designers’ go-to gray as it’s timeless. It’s a warm neutral color with earthy undertones that reveal an organic, soft, and stylish finished interior.

While Edgecomb Gray is considered a gray paint color, the warm undertones bring it more into the “greige” category giving it a modern edge. Edgecomb Gray is a lighter, creamier version of the versatile Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray that we have previously explored.

Let’s explore this paint color further and discuss how to use it at home and what other colors it pairs well with!

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Why We Love It!

Here at Innovatus Design, we absolutely love this warm gray paint color… There are so many areas of the home where homeowners can use Edgecomb Gray as their neutral base color from which to build a warm and modern interior scheme from. Pair this with rich or bold colors to add depth and interest to your spaces.

I have previously spoken about what makes a design timeless and one of those ways is by using warm tones in your home through a timeless color palette. Edgecomb Gray helps you to achieve just that!

How to Use Edgecomb Gray at Home 

Edgecomb Gray is the perfect paint color to use on walls in foyers and hallways where you want to keep the decor or interior scheme muted, yet modern and inviting. The earthy tones of the color will create warmth to these areas especially if they are relatively small spaces. Make the color really pop by painting the trim and other woodwork in a lighter paint color such as white or off-white.

If you have an open-plan home or would prefer to keep many of the spaces cohesive through the wall finish, then Edgecomb Gray is the perfect paint color. The warmth of this neutral paint color works beautifully throughout the home. 

This gorgeous warm gray is also a great paint color to use for living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and even bathrooms!

What to Watch Out for…

Similar to Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams, and like with any other warm tone in your home, be careful not to fall into the “muddy” trap. Luckily, Edgecomb Gray is a lighter and creamer neutral, so this caution is aimed at the other colors used alongside this paint color.

Avoid using too many warm or brown tones with Edgecomb Gray to avoid the “muddy” look. To create a classic look, use relatively safe colors such as off-white, black, and creams to help balance the space.

Accent Color Pairings

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray can be paired with almost any other color because it is such a versatile neutral. Use a brighter color to create a feature wall and use Edgecomb Gray as the neutral for the other walls.

Alternatively, use Edgecomb Gray as the neutral wall color and pair this with a rich and deep colors such as burgundy red or aubergine purple to create a truly luxurious interior.

Colors that work well with Edgecomb Gray are:

  • Burgundy Red
  • Aubergine Purple
  • Navy Blue
  • Dusty Pink
  • Sage Green

Pair Edgecomb Gray with rich, deep accent colors to create a highly sophisticated interior. Black, white, and cream will all work extremely well with this color too if you’d prefer to keep the color palette truly minimal.

Ways to make this color last in your home…

Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray is a timeless paint color that will pair well with any accent color. Ground the warmth of this with black or dark furniture (coffee and console tables) and even it out with light cream or white textile pieces.

A classic neutral grey paint color will last you a lifetime – it’s one that you’ll love year on year. Whether it’s for a living room, classic dining room, nursery, or bedroom – Edgecomb Gray and other neutral tones work for any interior space. 

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